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Making Fit and Healthy Simple Again

So You Can Live a Great Life in a Body You Love.

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Whey Protein Isolate vs. Concentrate: Know the Difference
It's no secret that whey protein is one of the most popular forms of protein supplements available today. It's also[...]
12 Effective Leg Exercises With Dumbbells: A Home Fitness Guide
Are you looking for an effective way to work out your legs at home? When you think of a leg[...]
3 Chest Workouts With Dumbbells: Building Strength At Home
Are you looking for an effective way to build strength at home? If so, doing chest workouts with dumbbells can[...]
Are Carbs Good After a Workout? The Science Behind Carbs and Muscle Recovery
You've just finished a tough workout and you're wondering if it's smart to fuel up with carbs afterward. It's not[...]
How To Engage And Build Glutes While Walking
Get ready to turn your daily stroll into a powerhouse glute workout! Gluteal muscles are more than just about aesthetics;[...]
What’s a Good Probiotic? (The Most Important Questions Answered)
Your gut has been called your second brain – for a very good reason. A whopping 100 trillion bacteria live there, and[...]

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Yuri Elkaim - Fitness Expert

Healthy Eating Recipes

Ditch the calorie counting and enjoy food again with healthy eating recipes that are simple, quick, and delicious…

Yuri Elkaim - Fitness Expert

Fat Burning Diet

What to do when eating less and exercising more just isn’t working? Here’s fat burning diet advice that actually works…

Yuri Elkaim - Fitness Expert

Eating for Energy

Want more energy to soar through your day without that mid-afternoon crash? Here’s my proven 4-step approach to eating for energy…

Yuri Elkaim - Fitness Expert


Discover the TOP 10 ultimate superfoods as recently classified after a groundbreaking study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)…

Yuri Elkaim - Fitness Expert

Natural Remedies

Get my best natural remedies for a variety of common ailments (and the scary statistic your doctor isn’t telling you about)…

Yuri Elkaim - Fitness Expert

Nutrition Tips

5 nutrition tips to improve your health and regain your sanity in a confusing world of diet information…

Tired of fitness and food "fanaticism"? So am I 🙂

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Yuri Elkaim - Fitness Tips

Fitness Tips

6 controversial fitness tips for a strong, lean body - no matter your age or fitness level - that actually make sense…

Yuri Elkaim - Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight Exercises
Put down the dumbbells and read this briefing on bodyweight exercises before your next workout...

Yuri Elkaim - Functional Training Exercises

Functional Training Exercises

Are you training movements or just muscles? Find out why "movement -based" functional training exercises need to be part of your training plan today…

Yuri Elkaim - Abdominal Exercises

Discover which abdominal exercises actually work and which ones are a waste of time (and even dangerous)…

Yuri Elkaim - Interval Training Sessions

Here are 8 reasons why interval training workouts are just a smarter way to do cardio…

Yuri Elkaim - Workout Recovery

Tired? Stiff and sore? Hitting a plateau? Here’s why your workout recovery could be your holding you back…

Yuri Elkaim - Fitness Expert

Looking for a holistic and "sane" approach to losing weight and feeling great? I'm your man…

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Yuri Elkaim - Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

Healthy habits don’t have to be hard to make and bad ones hard to break with this simple approach…

Yuri Elkaim - Reviews and Success Stories

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