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Amazing Abs Solution

  • What is the Amazing Abs Solution?

    The AAS is a unique follow-along video abdominal training program that helps people frustrated with stubborn belly fat and a weak core lose inches from their waste and get sexy, strong abs with just 2-4 short workouts per week and without doing sit-ups or other back-breaking abdominal exercises.

  • Equipment needed?

    A stability ball, yoga mat and small set of dumbbells would be needed for the program.

  • How long is the AAS program?

    It’s a 12-week program (featuring 12 different workouts) strategically divided into 3 phases – BUILD, SCULPT, and BURN. Each 4-week phase has a specific focus to get you closer to the abs of your dreams and each of the 12 workouts progressively gets more challenging to meet your new and improved fitness level.

  • How long are the workouts?

    The workouts range from 16 to 37 minutes. And because I’m doing the workouts with you, the longest workout (37 minutes) is due to the fact that I needed to take more rest to keep up.
    Overall, the average time is 22 minutes.

    I’ve designed the workouts to produce phenomenal results on their own, and in the shortest amount of time possible.

    They’re also short enough so that you can add them to the end of any of your existing workouts.

  • What if I’m following one of your other workout programs (or my own)?
    As I just mentioned, the AAS workouts are designed to produce great results by themselves but if you’re a hardcore exerciser then you can also do them at the end of any of your other workouts. If you’re using my Fitter U FItness or Fitter U workouts, the AAS workouts will be the perfect core/abs complement.
  • What format are the workouts? How do I use them?

    For the first time ever, the AAS workouts are VIDEO “follow-along” workouts. That means that you’ll have me on the screen of your iPod, iPhone, computer, etc…going through each and every rep with you.
    I instruct and motivate you each step of the way and it’s even better than having me “look over your shoulder” as your trainer because you also get to follow my lead and see how to do each exercise properly.

    We’re essentially doing the workouts together. It’s a really great feeling and beats working out on your own!

    All of the workouts and bonuses in the Amazing Abs Solution program are DOWNLOADABLE.

    Plus, this way you don’t have to wait 2-4 weeks for you program to arrive. Instead, you can get started within 2 minutes of ordering. And I even show you how to download everything and get your workouts loaded on your iPod or other device.

    The video files are in MP4 format which is compatible with all iPods, iPhones, Apple TV, and iTunes.

    Not only do you get the videos of each workout but I’m also including the MP3 audio versions.

    So, if like me, you rather just use an MP3 player or iPod shuffle that has no video screen, you’ll still get my step-by-step coaching through the entire workout.

  • Is there music behind your voice during the workouts?

    Nope. Most of my other audio workout program feature music but you won’t even need music with my new AAS workouts. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be distracted from my beautiful voice would you (lol)? Plus, not everyone likes my upbeat music. So the AAS follow-along workouts are just you and me baby!

  • How are the AAS workouts different from your other workout programs?

    The AAS workouts are specifically designed to strengthen your core, sculpt your abs, and burn more belly fat.

    Each AAS exercise has been strategically placed into exactly the right part of your workout to yield maximum benefit. There’s no filler or fluff. Simply results.

    Most of my other workout programs are more full body oriented. However, as I’ve already mentioned, the AAS program complements any of my workouts that you might already be using.

  • Can I use the Amazing Abs Solution if I’m a beginner?

    YES. Since each workout is based on what YOU can do, anyone can feel successful doing these workouts.

    Plus, the program starts off with the beginner in mind as we focus on basic “foundation fixer” exercises to build a strong core foundation.

    Then, each week, as you get stronger and fitter, the workouts get progressively tougher to continually challenge your abs – making them even stronger and more chiseled.

  • What if I’m more advanced – will AAS still work for me?

    You better believe it. In each workout, I show you ways of making the exercises more challenging (or easier) to suit your specific fitness level.

    And as we progress through the program, you’ll even see me revert back to doing the easier variations of certain advanced exercises.

    I guarantee you’ll find it perfectly challenging for you.

  • What is the Amazing Abs Solution?

    Absolutely. If you have back problems I would first consult with your doctor but as I’ve said before, these workouts are back-friendly.

    This is not your typical “let’s do a 1000 sit-ups today” workout program. As such, 99% of the exercises in the program are do-able by any age group and by those whom sit-ups would not be advised.
    In fact, after just a few workouts your back will feel stronger. One of the reasons for this is that I teach you how to properly activate your deep core muscles (which stabilize your spine) and we also do numerous exercises which strengthen your glutes – an integral component to a healthy back.

    So YES. If you are older, you can do these workouts. And YES, if you have low back issues (assuming you’re ok to exercise) you can enjoy the Amazing Abs Solution.

All Day Energy Bars

  • How many bars come in a box?

    Each box of “Choco-Coco” All-Day Energy Bars contains 12 large (65g), individually wrapped high protein, high fiber energy bars. Most other companies either put fewer bars in each box or provide 12 bars that are much smaller in size (usually 45g). With our bars, you get the best bang for your buck and ensure that each bar fills you up and keeps you energized for hours.

  • What are the exact ingredients in these bars?

    • Chicory Root Fiber
    • Organic Almond Butter
    • Organic Rice Protein
    • Organic Brown Rice
    • Organic Coconut
    • Organic Coconut Oil
    • Almonds
    • Organic Whole Grain Quinoa
    • Dark Chocolate Chips (Unsweetened)
    • Organic Cocoa
    • Organic Chia Seeds
    • Organic Vanilla Extract
    • Ground Flaxseed
    • Sea Salt
  • When’s the best time to eat these bars?

    Since each bar provides a healthy number of calories, fiber, and protein, you can use it as a meal replacement if you’re on the go. You can also enjoy a bar after a workout or simply as a sweet treat when you’ve got nothing in your fridge. There is no WRONG way to incorporate this into your healthy eating plan. At just 260 calories, 14 grams of protein, and 16 grams of fiber, these bars can serve as a great mini-meal or snack.

  • Are there any allergy concerns with these bars?

    Our “Choco-Coco” All-Day Energy Bars do contain almonds. The bars are also gluten, soy, and dairy free and do not contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. As a general disclaimer, since they are processed in a facility with other food ingredients trace amounts of wheat, peanuts, egg, soy, and milk may be present.

  • Are these bars safe to eat daily and over the long term?

    Absolutely! These 100% all-natural bars are real food. Grabbing a breakfast sandwich or muffin at Starbucks is certainly not a good idea on a daily basis. Our “Choco-Coco” All-Day Energy Bars give you have a better, healthier option.

  • How long do BioTrust Organic Protein Bars keep their fresh-made taste?

    Since we use fresh ingredients and no preservatives in our bars, their shelf is roughly 6 months.

    After, the bars won’t magically spoil. It simply means that they will not retain their optimal fresh taste and texture.

  • How will these bars be shipped to me and how quickly?

    We will ship your order directly to your home or office using USPS (for US customers) and you will have it within 5 to 7 business days. If you live outside the United States count on 7-10 business days to be safe.

  • Is it safe to order online from this web site?

    Yes. We use a 256-bit secure ordering server that is Norton Secured so you are protected the same as if you were ordering from or any other trusted Web site.

  • What if I don’t like the bars after trying them?

    We’d frankly be surprised since almost everyone who has tried these “Choco-Coco” All-Day Energy Bars are floored by how delicious and healthy they are. But, if for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with them, just let us know and we will refund you without question. You’re always protected by our 1-YEAR “Try It And Love It Or Your Money Back” Guarantee.

Total Wellness Cleanse

  • When does the Total Wellness Cleanse™ start and end?

    You can enjoy the Total Wellness Cleanse at any time of the year. As long as you have 30 days that you can commit to changing your life, then you can do the cleanse.

  • What makes this cleanse different from all the rest?

    The Total Wellness Cleanse™ is the ONLY guided and personalized detox/cleanse that also gives you a personalized nutritional assessment and 8-week dietary and lifestyle plan. This is only detoxification program that will give you daily support via email and over the phone. We’re at your side 100% of the way to keep you motivated and on-track.

    Although there are many different detox products on the market, our program is a holistic approach to healing and cleansing your body through food and lifestyle improvements. Our unique approach is based on years of experience (and great results) with our personal clients and is verified by the leading cleanse/detox experts and scientific data.

  • What do I need for this cleanse?

    Other than food and water, you don’t need much. A blender, food processor, and knifes are needed and a juicer is helpful but not required.

  • Are you going to sell me any detox or cleanse products/supplements?

    Absolutely not! Our approach is through dietary and lifestyle improvements – not “magic formulas”.

  • Who shouldn’t do this cleanse?

    Our 30-day guided cleanse is suitable for any healthy individual. However, to avoid toxin transfer to the fetus/baby, we do not recommend that pregnant or breast-feeding mothers do the cleanse.

    Furthermore, if you suffer from a serious illness such as cancer or cardiovascular disease, we require that you consult with your medical doctor first and foremost.

  • Will I lose weight on this cleanse?

    Most likely yes. As your body releases excess toxins, your fat cells (which store the toxins) will diminish in size. Also, because you won’t be eating excessive amounts of calories you may create a caloric deficit if you’re an active individual. This, in turn, will also help you lose weight. The important thing to remember is that you will lose weight while dramatically enhancing the health of your body.

  • What if I don’t want to lose weight?

    That’s ok as well. Most people who cleanse, while wanting to maintain their weight, might lose a few pounds (usually less than 5 lbs) but that’s about it. The key to maintaining your weight on our cleanse is to ensure you incorporate regular strength training and follow a clean diet that provides sufficient calories. You’ll get both of these components with our cleanse.

  • What other results can I expect?

    Everyone is slightly different but the most common results we see (and that are reported to us) are fat loss, clear and radiant skin, much more energy, greater capacity to exercise with faster recovery, and improved overall health (based on a number of markers including blood sugar levels, blood lipids, pH, and others).

    Most people who follow our cleanse also experience improved mental clarity, better concentration, and greater productivity in their business, work, and personal life.

  • Can someone with Hypothyroidism (underactive) thyroid use the cleanse?

    Our cleanse is meant to support and restore your bodily functions thus improving all aspects of your health. We also have a specific teleclass and recipes specifically targeted to this condition.

  • Can someone with diabetes use the cleanse?

    Yes they can. Make sure to consult your physician before starting any cleanse program. The nature of our cleanse and recipes will be suitable for somebody with blood sugar issues. Continue to take any medications relating to this disease while following the cleanse.

  • Rural area living, may not have access to certain ingredients for recipe. Then what?

    Even if you don’t have access to particular foods, you’ll still be able to follow the cleanse protocol by substituting for other foods that you have access to. All recipes are guidelines to follow and will give you an idea of what can be used in your diet.

  • Can age be a factor in determining if you should do the cleanse?

    Not at all. The cleanse will teach you how to eat properly and any age group can benefit from that information.

  • Will I be receiving anything by mail?

    Only if you’ve ordered the physical version of our program. In that case you can expect it to arrive on your doorstep within 7 days if you live in the United States or 2-3 weeks if you live elsewhere. If you purchased the digital version, then you’ll be able to download everything immediately upon purchase.

  • What happens after the 30 days are up?

    You are given an 8 week maintenance meal plan and recipes as part of the cleanse that you can follow after the original 14 day cleansing period. This will provide you with ample time to be able to change your dietary lifestyle going forward.

  • What if I currently have a medical condition? Will this cleanse be suitable and okay for me to use?

    First and foremost, consult your physician before starting any cleansing program. However since the nature of the program is about showing and guiding you to eat better, people from all walks of life will be able to benefit from using this program.

  • I travel quite often; will I still be able to do the Cleanse?

    Yes. The key is preparation. Make sure you know what you need while you travel, i.e. grocery list, proper foods. The knowledge you will acquire in the cleanse will also help you make cleansing choices while eating in a restaurant or hotel while you travel.

  • What If I need further assistance throughout the cleanse?

    Not to worry, you’ll receive daily coaching emails with on-going support, inspiration, and answers to your questions. Furthermore, we provide more personalized support on our Facebook page which all cleanse members have access to.

  • Will this cleanse help eradicate Candida?

    Following a Candida cleanse is a very grueling and unpleasant process. We take specific measures to eliminate Candida by eliminating sugar intake and other measures to restore a healthy balance of bacteria in your colon. Although we can’t guarantee that Candida will be fully eradicated, our cleanse will certainly help.

  • What If I’ve already read Eating For Energy? Can I still benefit from the Cleanse?

    Yes! The cleanse is taking your health to the next level while Eating For Energy focuses on eating more raw foods. The focus of the cleanse is to give you a more structured approach to reducing sugar intake, improving your body’s alkalinity and de-stressing your body.

  • Can I exercise while on the cleanse?

    Yes. You can exercise while on the cleanse. It is recommended especially if you’re looking to lose weight however you may notice your exercise endurance may be a little less initially due to less calorie consumption. To help you out, we recommend you use our Fitter U program ( for a safe and effective training program.

Eating For Energy

  • Do you have to be a raw foodist or is the goal to become a raw foodist with Eating for Energy?

    The answer is no. I’m not a raw foodist. I’ve never been a raw foodist. My intention with the program was simply to educate you and give you a proven system to bettering your health. And it just so happens in order to do that, you need to eat more raw foods, and that’s just the way it works, you know. I mean, if you go into the literature and look at the research, you’re basically going to see that eating more fruits and vegetables is better for your health. Right?

    So that’s what it’s all about, you know. It’s not about, you know, whether you have to become a raw foodist or not. It’s about, you know, can you incorporate more fruits and vegetables, more nuts and seeds, not necessarily too many more nuts and seeds, but really more of the fruits and vegetables type of thing.

    And you don’t have to live in a forest and be fanatical about this kind of stuff. Okay. So it’s for everyday people who want to enjoy better health, have more energy, and live a life of great vitality. So hopefully that answers the first question.

  • What if I’m too old or what if I’m too young? Can I still benefit from this program?

    Well, first of all, what classifies as being too young or too old? We’ve had clients ranging from 19 years old, as you saw with Nick, all the way up to people in their early 80s, who’ve benefited from this program. The more important question to ask yourself is, do you want more energy? Do you want better health? Because if the answer is yes, then there really are no boundaries to what the power of more natural foods can do for you. So really the program is suitable for any age, whether you’re man or woman, and that’s the answer to that one.

  • If I’m pregnant or breastfeeding, can I use the program?

    Now if you’re pregnant, understand this. You’re essentially nourishing your baby with better quality foods. So I don’t see why you couldn’t adopt Eating for Energy, because, again, it’s not about restricting your calories or anything like that. It’s about nourishing your body with foods you’re going to eat anyways. It’s just showing you and giving you the tools and resources to eat better foods so that both you and your baby benefit tremendously.

    Now if you’re breastfeeding, obviously you can still do the same thing. You can still, you know, add as many of the raw food recipes in Eating for Energy into your diet. The one thing I would recommend is that you just add a little bit more of them, so you increase your caloric intake because you’re obviously going to have to expend more calories as you’re breastfeeding. Okay. So you just want to make sure that your caloric intake is up by adding, you know, an extra serving of some of the recipes, and that will make a big difference and really prevent you from drying out, you know, if you want to look at it that way. So that’s a couple questions there.

  • Can I exercise? Can I work out while following Eating for Energy?

    Absolutely. This is a program that I’ve instilled into the men’s soccer program at the University of Toronto. So, you know, I’d been working with them for about seven years. I actually stepped down as the head strength and conditioning coach over the past year as we’ve moved out of the city. So what I’ve hopefully done with a lot of those guys is instilled, and actually I know I have . . . is instilled the importance of alkalizing their bodies. So after a training session, they’re not going to McDonald’s. They’re going to grab a green smoothie or a green juice. That’s a huge paradigm shift for a lot of these guys.

    And I want you to know that for me, you know, when I played professional soccer, I ate terribly; breads, pastas, all the stuff that nutrition textbooks tell us to eat as an athlete. But it doesn’t work. So you need a healthy combination of starch or carbs, you know, some good proteins.

    But very, very important, especially from a recovery standpoint, is to really get a lot of these plant-based foods in because they’re going to supply you with alkalinity, phytonutrients, antioxidants. And all of these things are going to help you combat free radical damage that occurs with exercise.

    It’s also going to speed your recovery, and it’s just going to make you feel amazing. You’re going to sleep better. You’re going to wake up feeling more refreshed. You’re not going to have as much soreness. And that’s a really important thing.

    So if you work out, yes, you can follow the program. Now if you’re working out to build muscle, well, probably not the . . . I mean, you can, but, again, remember when looking to build muscle, really all it comes down to is following a proper strength training program in conjunction with basically eating all day. Okay. So if you’re looking to build muscle, it’s a full-time job. You’re looking to pack in as many calories as you possibly can. So if that’s you, you can do this, but you’re just going to be eating nonstop. Personally, I don’t enjoy that. So, you know, that’s up to you, that’s fine.

  • If I’m looking to lose weight, will Eating for Energy help me?

    Absolutely. One of the biggest benefits that people realize with Eating for Energy is that because you are removing a lot of foods that cause inflammation and tend to hold onto needless weight in your body, as soon as you kind of remove those and add in more fresh foods, you naturally kind of come to a more natural weight for you.

    So, for instance, for myself, obviously I’m a thin guy. I’m not looking to lose weight. But when I do follow Eating for Energy as closely as I can, I do notice that I do lose a couple pounds. Because, you know, if I go off on tangents every now and then, if I eat some bread and, you know, pasta and pizza, which I don’t do often, but that is my weakness. So, for whatever reason, if I’m traveling or if I’m somewhere that I’m kind of just letting go for a bit, I definitely feel it, and I don’t feel good. As soon as I get back into the healthy path, those couple pounds, two or three pounds, four pounds in some cases, literally disappear overnight.

    If you’re somebody who is more overweight who needs to lose weight, then absolutely Eating for Energy is going to make a tremendous difference for you because naturally these foods are higher in nutrients, lower in calories. You’re going to feel more satiated. You’re not going to have as many cravings, and that’s a great thing, so you’re not going to eat as much. And you’re going to feel great. You’re going to get all the nutrition you need, all the minerals, all the nutrients you need, and it’s a win-win situation.

  • I’m a type 2 diabetic. Can I follow Eating for Energy?

    Absolutely. I don’t know if you remember Cheryl [Karimu], who is one of the five-day challenge clients that we had do a video journal. She was mentioning that her impetus to start a raw food diet two years ago was the fact that she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. And she couldn’t believe it. She was so upset about that.

    And so what she noticed was that her blood sugar dropped dramatically. Her A1c levels, you know, regulated themselves into normal ranges. And even over the five days that she started doing Eating for Energy, her blood sugar dropped. I believe she said it was about 130 or 135 down to . . . she emailed me just after she finished the first five days to say that it was down to 115, which is an amazing accomplishment in just five days.

    So yes, you’re going to be eating, you know, some fruits, some sweeter fruits, stuff like that. If you have type 2 diabetes, you just may want to minimize the intake of some of the higher sweet fruit. But overall, because you’re just eating natural foods and you’re not taking all the garbage in, all the processed oils and stuff, your body is naturally going to set itself back to homeostasis, and you’re going to help heal yourself. OK. We’re just eating in a way that puts our body into the best possible environments to heal itself. Right?

    So, for instance, if I was stressed out, OK, or if you’re stressed out, do you think that you might be able to de-stress a little bit more effectively in a beautiful, serene forest like this or in a busy downtown core, say Manhattan? Obviously the forest. Right?

    So all we’ve done here is we’ve put ourselves in a different environment. And that’s all we’re doing with foods . . . is that we are giving our bodies different environments that will enable it to heal itself and work better, work more efficiently and do what it’s naturally supposed to do, which is help you restore a level of vitality that is not about sleeping 10 or 12 hours a day.

  • Do the recipes take a long time to make?” Can you get the ingredients at your local grocery store or do you have to come and forge for them in the forest?

    Well, I think in every single one of those videos, you probably saw that everyone was talking about how easy the recipes are to make. They take again . . . my guarantee is that they take less than ten minutes to prepare. So if you don’t have ten minutes, then you really need to consider managing your time a little bit better.

    And the ingredients you can find in pretty much any grocery store. Yes, there are cases where I’ll recommend, you know, a couple things like Goji berries or cacao, but again, you don’t even need that stuff. You don’t even need those super foods, and you’ll still benefit tremendously simply by eating more fruits and vegetables, as we show you how to do in Eating for Energy. So the recipes are very simple to do. They’re simple to make. They don’t require 48 hours of dehydrating crusts and crackers and stuff. Its fresh ingredients, made to order in, like, five to ten minutes. All you need is a food processor, a blender, a juicer if you want to make some of the juices, which I’d highly recommend.

    But even if you don’t have a juicer, even if you don’t have a blender . . . if you just had a knife and a cutting board, you would still be able to benefit from the power of eating all of these natural foods. And that’s why I’m so excited about this program because it is so simple. Right? It is so simple to follow. And I know that you’re going to realize incredible, incredible results as you do so.

    I also want to mention that, Eating for Energy is not just the recipes. It’s way more than the 120 recipes you’re going to be getting in the book. You know, it’s a lifestyle.

    I’m very passionate. As you’ve probably been able to tell over the last couple videos, that education is really important because when you have the knowledge about something, right? If you know that French fries are bad- right?-and if you know what they do inside your body, you’re going to be less likely to eat them.

    However, if you don’t know, if you’re oblivious to the fact that French fries are bad for you, then you’re, you know, less likely not to eat them. You don’t understand the consequences of your actions. And that’s why I’m very passionate about educating you with science-backed information but also information that’s very pragmatic, right? So information that you can apply.

    A lot of the people who’ve gone through our program have really enjoyed the information. And actually we surveyed our clients a little while ago, and we found that one of the biggest benefits that was really actually surprising, one of the biggest benefits people found from going through this program was the increased knowledge that they acquired to help them eat healthier and just enjoyed greater health on a day-to-day basis.

    So that’s why the first half of the program is the why behind the Eating for Energy philosophy, right? Why it’s important to eat more plant-based foods. You’re going to learn all the science behind it, the rationale, the way our bodies work physiologically, but, again, in a very easy to understand manner.

    And then the second half of the program is the step-by-step where I’m holding your hand, showing you how to apply these principles into your day-to-day life, transitioning into more raw foods. And, again, it’s not about being fanatical about it. So whether you’re traveling, whether you’re eating at restaurants, or you’re eating at home, you’ll understand what to do each step of the way.

    And the other important thing to touch on and to remember is that, again, as we’ve talked about with the adrenals and digestion, how important they are for energy, that’s all taken care of in the program as well. We talk about the importance of how to manage your stress, how to allow your adrenal glands to recover, and how to lessen the burden on your digestive tract so that you’re able to digest foods better. You’re not falling asleep at the table.

    And it just so happens that when you’re eating the foods that we talk about in Eating for Energy, and I show you how to eat with the recipes, you naturally give those organs and all of the systems in your body the nutrients that it requires to repair itself and to function more appropriately. So I’m really excited.

    I hope you feel more inspired and pumped up more than ever to live a more vibrant, energetic, and healthy life. And I know that Eating for Energy is going to help you do that. In 99 percent of the cases, it’s helped people to some degree. Right? Whether it’s a full-blown, like, ten out of ten energy improvement or a one percent small improvement or one percent application of something they learned that helped them make better decisions, this program has helped over 65,000 people. And I hope that you will be one of the next ones.

    So thanks again for the questions. Again, if you have any other ones or any comments, you know, again, just let me know below this video. And stay tuned for the brand new version, the great release, the brand new release of the new and improved Eating for Energy coming your way in just a few days. We’ll see you then.

  • Do I have to be 100% raw to start having more energy and bettering my health?

    Absolutely not. I’m not a 100% raw, nor are many of our EFE clients. That’s not the goal of this program. Nonetheless, we’ve all transformed our health and energy levels by following some pretty simply nutrition principles that you too can benefit from.

    For example, if you want more energy then you should start by minimizing or avoiding “clogging” foods like wheat, dairy, and sugar, while adding in more fruits and vegetables. Sounds simple, I know, but it can have a major impact.

  • I’m a busy person. Won’t these healthy meals take forever to make?

    I completely understand your concern. In fact, when I first ventured into raw foods several years ago I was so disappointed by all the overwhelming and time-intensive recipes.

    Many of them required tons of exotic ingredients and required up to 48 hours to make in some cases. I didn’t, and still don’t, have that time to dedicate to preparing my meals.

    That’s why the 120 recipes I’ve laid out for you in Eating for Energy take no more than 10 minutes to prepare.

    This simplistic approach to eating healthier has been one of the highlights among most of our clients. They love that they can prepare simple and delicious raw meals for them and their families with everyday ingredients that are readily available….in a jiffy.

  • What If I don’t have all the ingredients or necessary equipment?

    Do you have access to a grocery store? Does your grocery store carry fresh produce, raw nuts and seeds?

    If so, then that’s all you need.

    And even if you can find a one or two ingredients (depending on where you live) you can simply substitute for another similar ingredient or food. For instance, if you don’t access to kale, then simply use spinach or Swiss chard.

    If you can’t find goji berries – not that you really need them – who cares. Just eat any other kind of berry. The benefits are very similar.

    When it comes to the kitchen equipment required to prepare these delicious recipes, all you’ll need is a knife, food processor, blender, and a juicer is a bonus.

    That’s it.

    You don’t even need your oven or stovetop. Instead, you can save that extra money you would have spent on your gas or electric bill and put it towards healthier foods…if you want.

  • Is there a consensus that eating more raw plant based foods will improve my health and energy levels?

    Is there ever! In fact,try finding a research study that shows that eating more fruits and vegetables is NOT good for your health.

    You see, I believe your body was naturally designed to thrive on foods that come from the earth. It’s amazing how disconnected we’ve become from this fact.

    Eating man-made foods is probably not going to make you healthier. Relying on coffee or energy drinks may give you a short boost but give you the healthy sustained all-day energy you want.

    And although I can throw endless claims and information at you, the ONLY way I think this will truly make sense for you is by trying it for yourself.

    Apply just a few of the natural nutrition principles in Eating for Energy and see if you notice a significant boost in your energy levels, mental clarity, and more.

  • What If I try it and fail?

    As long as you try you cannot fail. The only time you truly fail is when you give up hope in yourself. No matter what has happened to you in the past…no matter what other diets you may have tried…

    The fact remains – to look and feel the way you want you should experiment with different approaches until you find what works best for you.

    Is Eating for Energy right for 100% of the people on this planet? Probably not, but it should surely help virtually anyone who applies at least some of its fundamental nutrition principles.

  • What if I already eat pretty well?

    Then that’s great – keep doing what you’re doing. But let me ask you…

    “How do you know you’re really eating well? Who says…your doctor or your body’s level of health and vitality?”

    I’m a firm believer in the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, which basically means constant, never-ending improvement.

    No matter where you are in life, it’s important to continue growing and improving and learning new things about yourself.

    Plus, if you already eat well, that tells me that you’re a health conscious individual. It naturally follows then that you are probably more likely to seek out new ways of taking your health and energy to new heights.

    Am I right?

    If so, then Eating for Energy could be the program to take your health to that next level.

  • Where will I get my protein, calcium, and B12 from if I’m eating plant based foods?

    Ah…the famous question has made an appearance. I knew it wouldn’t be long before someone asked me about this.

    Let’s just assume you decided to go 100% raw vegan for the rest of your life. Could your body thrive on plant foods? The short answer is YES.

    Look at the strongest and largest animals – the elephant, the giraffe, the gorilla, the cow, the hippo…

    What do they all have in common?

    They are all vegetarians. They eat grass, leaves, and berries (the gorilla) in their natural environment. Do you see them losing muscle mass? Are they sick and unhealthy? Not really, but it seems to me that when we capture them and start feeding them our laboratory designed “man-made” foods they are not as healthy as they were in the wild.

    Cow’s produce milk and milk products are said to provide humans with ample calcium.

    But where do cows get their calcium? What do they eat?


    …A little something for you to think about.

    The only nutrient I know that you could fall short of following a strictly 100% raw vegan diet for the rest of your life is B12, which is found solely in animals.

    So what do you do? Well, you have 2 options…

    1. You can get a shot of methylcobalamin (best form of supplemental B12) from your local naturopath, OR…

    2. Eat a piece of red meat or organ meat once every few months.

    3. Supplements

    Some sources also show that bee products (ie. bee pollen, royal jelly, manuka honey) contain some B12 so that can be another option for your B12 needs.

    I know this debate will rage on for centuries but once you understand how you much protein your body actually needs (about 0.8 g/kg of bodyweight) and how easily you can attain that through specific foods you’ll learn about in Eating for Energy, you’ll finally have some peace of mind.

  • What can I expect and how long until I see or experience a difference?

    We all respond to foods in our own unique ways depending on our genetic make-up, food sensitivities, digestive strength, and much more.

    But with that said, it’s amazing how predictably human beings respond to eating more raw foods.

    When I’m asked what my secret is for having more energy and losing weight more easily, I always say…

    Eat more raw foods.

    I’m quite confident that you’ll see for yourself how powerful these natural foods are once you incorporate this into your diet.

Fat Burning Meal Club

  • What if I’m allergic to dairy, gluten, soy, or eggs?

    Not worry. None of the recipes contain gluten, dairy, or soy and we have many egg-free recipes as well.

  • Is this suitable for a non-cook?

    YES! On top of all the recipes you’ll learn simple and essential cooking techniques that deliver outstanding taste and great nutrition in no time at all. You don’t need to be a pro to enjoy clean and lean food at home.

  • Is this suitable for both men and women?

    If you love good food and your health, then this is for you – no matter if you’re a man or woman. If you want to lose weight and better your health, then these recipes will help.

    If you’re a man who wants to pack on muscle, then you these recipes will help as well – you’ll just want to eat much more of them in conjunction with a proper weight training program.

  • Is it going to be really expensive to follow the recipes?

    No. We’ve committed to making this easy for you to follow and light on your wallet, especially when you consider spending less money dining out and more time dining in and enjoying the food you cook in your own kitchen.

  • What if I don’t want to be part of the “club” anymore?

    No problem. Don’t sweat it. We’re confident that you’ll absolutely love it but just in case it doesn’t work out within your first 30 days, then just let us know and you won’t pay a dime. If you stay on as a Fat Burning Meal Club member thereafter, then you can always cancel at any time.

    The only way you really lose is if you walk away from this wonderful opportunity. You have nothing to lose. After all, you get to try it out for a full 30 days before deciding if you want to continue. Act now, while this is fresh on your mind and you can start testing these amazing recipes as soon as tonight!

Fitter U

  • How large (memory space) are the Fitter U files?

    All of the Fitter U MP3/iPod workouts files range in size from 70 to 110 MB per workout. Depending on your connection speed, these files may take up to 20 minutes to download. The PDFs (Success Journal) are much smaller and take no time at all to download.

  • What happens if I have an iPod Shuffle or Nano? Will the workouts still fit?

    Of course! Most iPod Shuffles can hold up to 1 GB and Nanos can hold up to 8 GB. Since our workouts range in size from 80 to 130 MB you can easily upload up to 9 or 10 workouts (on a Shuffle) and all of the workouts onto an iPod Nano.

    Regarding the iPod Shuffle: Because the workouts don’t always have to be on your shuffle you can upload and then remove the workouts as you choose.

  • Is there a difference between MP3 and iPod workouts?

    No. They both refer to the same thing which is basically an audio file that can be played on both mp3 players and iPods. iPod is simply a trademarked name of Apple Inc. And iPod is a type of mp3 player which can play mp3 files such as our workouts.

  • What kind of Internet Connection do I need?

    It is recommended that you have a high speed connection to the internet in order to facilitate and speed download times. The MP3 files are compressed in a zip file which makes the download more efficient but the files are very large and can take hours to download over a dial up connection.

    Our server has the capacity to handle thousands of visitors at a time but that is only one component of the process. The other component is the service provider in which you use to connect to the internet. If your server has limited bandwidth it could corrupt your download.

  • How long does is take for the workouts to download onto my computer?

    It all depends on your internet connection and which program you are downloading. If you are using a high speed connection each workout should take no longer than 10-12 minutes to download. If you are using a dial up connection then the download process can take much longer.

    We’ve zipped all the workouts into zip files in order to speed the download process as best possible.

  • What kind of computer hardware do I need?

    If you have a high speed connection and a CD burner, you can opt to purchase a MP3 download and create your own CD using any one of several types of free MP3 software (such as iTunes or Windows Media). If you have the necessary connection and hardware then you can choose to burn your own Treadmill Trainer CD in the case of not having an MP3 player.

    Don’t worry it is very easy to do.

    However, if you have an MP3 player, then there’s no need to burn any CDs. Simply upload the MP3 files right onto your MP3 player from its respective software program (eg. Apple’s iPod uses iTunes to upload songs).

  • What do I need to get started?

    All you need to enjoy the Fitter U workouts is an iPod, mp3 player, or CD player. Other than that, for the workouts themselves, you only need a stability ball, a few dumbbells, a step, and that’s it. A cardio machine is recommended but not mandatory.

  • What if I don’t have an iPod or mp3 player?

    Not to worry. You can still use the 80-page Fitter U Success Journal to guide you through your workouts. This downloadable PDF e-book has all your workout tracker, exercise pictures, and everything else you need to complete the Fitter U program.

  • Are these workouts only for the gym?

    No. The Fitter U workouts are designed to be used anywhere such as the gym, your home, and even while you travel. The only pieces of equipment you need are a stability ball, a few dumbbells, a step, and that’s it. A cardio machine is recommended but not mandatory. Because of this, the majority of our Fitter U clients use the workouts while at home.

  • How do I know if Fitter U will suit my fitness level?

    Good question. The answer is pretty simple. Fitter U is suitable for any fitness level! The reason for this is that all the workouts are based on time-based circuit training intervals, which means that you won’t be asked to lift a specific weight, but rather to choose a weight and pace that will challenge you.

    For instance, in your Day 1 workout you will be asked to complete as many push ups as you can in 30 seconds. For some people this might mean 30 push ups while for other it might be 5. You’ve got my guidance and encouragement over your headphones and ultimately you do what you can by giving YOUR 100%.

    Rest assured, we have every walk of life using the Fitter U workouts from elite athletes who want to get even fitter to absolute couch potatoes who are looking to lose some serious weight.

Fitter U Fitness

  • What happens after I join?

    Upon joining Fitter U Fitness you will be directed to our members-only site page where you can immediately download all of the workouts and get started as soon as you like.

    You can then click on each link to download the workout files onto your computer’s hard drive. Each MP3 audio and MP4 video file is compressed in zip format (in order to speed download time), so ensure that once they are on your computer you “unzip” or “decompress” the files.

    Once the files are on your computer you can then upload them to the appropriate software to get them onto your iPod or MP3 player.

    If for any reason you haven’t received your login details or having difficulties accessing your account, please contact us below and we will assist you with logging it to your account.

  • How large (memory space) are the Fitter U Fitness files?

    That depends on whether it’s an MP3 audio or MP4 video file. The MP4 video files tend be larger ranging in size from about 60 to 200 MB, while the MP3 audio workouts are generally no larger than about 100 MB each.

    Depending on your connection speed, these files may take up to 20 minutes to download. You will be able to watch the workout videos “streaming” (right on the web page) as well as being able to download them to your computer/iPod.

  • What happens if I have an iPod Shuffle or Nano? Will the workouts still fit?

    Of course! Most iPod Shuffles can hold up to 1 GB and Nanos can hold up to 8 GB. Since our workouts range in size from 60 to 200 MB you can easily upload up to 9 or 10 workouts (on a Shuffle) and all of the workouts onto an iPod Nano.

    Regarding the iPod Shuffle: Because the workouts don’t always have to be on your shuffle you can upload and then remove the workouts as you choose. Also, as of right now, the iPod shuffle doesn’t show video. Therefore, only the MP3 audio workouts will be suitable for the shuffle.

  • What kind of internet connection do I need?

    It is recommended that you have a high speed connection to the internet in order to facilitate and speed download times. The MP3 and MP4 files are compressed in a zip file which makes the download more efficient but the files are very large and can take hours to download over a dial up connection.

    Our server has the capacity to handle thousands of visitors at a time but that is only one component of the process. The other component is the service provider in which you use to connect to the internet. If your server has limited bandwidth it could corrupt your download.

  • How long does is take for the workouts to download onto my computer?

    It all depends on your internet connection and which program you are downloading. If you are using a high speed connection each workout should take no longer than 10-12 minutes to download. If you are using a dial up connection then the download process can take much longer.

    We’ve zipped all the workouts into zip files in order to speed the download process as best possible.

  • What do I need to get started?

    All you need to enjoy the Fitter U Fitness workouts is a computer – an iPod (or mp3 player) is also recommended so that you can download the workouts and take them with you to the gym.

  • What if I don’t have an iPod or mp3 player?

    Not to worry. You can still do all of the workouts since you’ll be able to watch their respective videos and you’ll have their workout trackers. You’ll also have all the exercise pictures for each workout. All of these tools can be downloaded to your computer. The workout trackers and exercise pictures are in PDF format so that you can also print them and have them by your side during each workout.

  • Are these workouts only for the gym?

    No. The Fitter U Fitness workouts are designed to be used anywhere you want – such as the gym, your home, and even while you travel. Each month, you will receive new and exciting workouts that will incorporate different pieces of equipment like dumbbells, the stability ball, barbells, or just your bodyweight.

    Ultimately, the location of the workout will depend on the workout itself and what minimal equipment it requires.

  • How do I know if Fitter U Fitness will suit my fitness level?

    As long as you’re not an absolute beginner, you can benefit Fitter U Fitness. The reason for this is that all the workouts are based on your relative fitness level, which means that you won’t be asked to lift a specific weight, but rather to choose a weight and pace that will challenge you for the given number of repetitions or time prescribed for each exercise.

    Rest assured, I have developed the Fitter U Fitness so that people from every walk can benefit from the unique athletic workouts that make up the program.

  • How is Fitter U Fitness different from the original Fitter U program?

    Well, first, the original Fitter U was only 12 weeks long and developed exclusively in MP3 and PDF format.

    Fitter U Fitness, sequel, is a monthly membership program that provides you with new and exciting athletic workouts in audio, video, and PDF format. As a member, you also have on-going access to the “Locker Room” forum for all the assistance and social support you could want.

    These elements were not part of the first Fitter U program. Furthermore, Fitter U Fitness is slightly more advance (yet appropriate for everyone except absolute beginners), more time efficient, and has been developed to produce even greater results than its predecessor!

Energy Greens

  • Is it ok to take these greens long term?”

    Yes, absolutely. Each one of these ingredients has been hand selected for my Energy Greens blend precisely because it helps your body function as it should. For this reason, it’s actually best if you take these greens on a daily, ongoing basis. However, if you’re pregnant, or you’re breastfeeding, or on any kind of medication, please consult your physician before using these greens long term.

  • If I have a medical condition, can I take these greens?

    If you take prescription medication or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor. However, since these greens are 100% food-based and contain no stimulants, herbs or other contraindicated ingredients, this supplement is considered safe and effective for almost everyone.

  • How will this be shipped to me and how quickly?

    If you live within the continental United States, we will ship your Energy Greens directly to your home or office using USPS and you should receive it within 5-7 business days. For international orders, please allow 10-14 business days.

  • How many tins should I order?

    Each tin contains approximately one month of supply. That said, this offer is strictly subject to availability, and I would advise anybody to take advantage of our bulk order tin discount and stock up now, while you still can and avoid missing out on a single day feeling absolutely terrific.

  • How do I take these ‘Energy Greens’?

    It’s really simple. Just mix one tablespoon of the powder with a glass of water, and take between two and three glasses per day. You’ll find that the powder dissolves completely in almost no time at all, and the resulting juice crosses your tongue with a velvety smoothness.

Super Nutrition Academy

  • I’ve already read (and followed) other diets – why would I need this?

    The fact that you’ve taken advice from one or more other diets is the exact reason why you NEED to enroll in Super Nutrition Academy. In fact, the more diets you’ve tried, the more confused and frustrated you probably are, right?

    That’s precisely why you need to finally learn how YOU work with respect to food. Remember, this is not a diet but an education course that will arm you with everything you need to know about the complex relationship between food and your health, in less than 1 hour per week.

    It will help you understand the nuts and bolts of nutrition so that you don’t fall prey to any more false promises. Super Nutrition Academy will give you clarity and invaluable nutrition and health knowledge. After all, no one is going to care about your health as much as you

  • What if I don’t want to learn about bettering my health and would rather just to follow another diet?

    Then, I’m sorry but this is not for you. We’re only accepting students who are motivated and committed to empowering themselves to life-long health by learning the fundamentals of nutrition.

    If you would rather continue to bounce from one diet to the next then please do that. But if you want to finally end your frustration, get the answers to your nutrition questions, and achieve the health you deserve, then Super Nutrition Academy is how it’s going to happen.

  • Will the the information be too scientific or complicated? Will I get overwhelmed?

    No and no. You’ll find it easy to follow, easy on the eye, uses everyday language, and doesn’t require you to be a Harvard grad or determined masochist to get through the material.

    And, because I recommend doing just 1 lesson per week, the possibility overwhelm is almost impossible.

    The power of Super Nutrition Academy is in its ability to help you understand the science behind many of your nutrition and health questions, which will give you more clarity and motivation to eat healthier than you possibly imagined.

    For instance, among many other valuable insights, you’ll learn about the metabolism pathway of fatty acids, which I guarantee will make you look at the supplement shelves and the foods you eat very differently!

  • What if I don’t want to wait 12 months to learn all the information?” Can’t I get everything all at once?

    The reason that this has a 12-month structure is to strategically allow you to learn and master your health and nutrition without the overwhelm and frustration you’re probably already experiencing.

    The last thing you need is access to 48 in-depth nutrition lessons all it once. That would lead to nothing more than…well…overwhelm, no action, and no results.

    Imagine that, if in school, your teachers gave you an entire year’s worth of material on the first day. How would you feel? I know how I would feel…overwhelmed and defeated. In fact, most students would probably drop out right then and there.

    I don’t want that to happen to you and that’s I’ll be “trickling” your learning in a streamlined and easy-to-master without overwhelm fashion.

    You’ll have access to one new module each month, containing 4 weekly lessons. Within each module, you’ll be able to access all 4 lessons immediately although I recommend doing just one lesson per week. You can thank me later.

  • What I’ve already read/gone through your Eating for Energy and/or Total Wellness Cleanse programs? How is this different and will I still need it?

    EFE and the TWC are great programs and even if you’ve gone through them you WILL still tremendously benefit from Super Nutrition Academy. Why?

    First of all, Super Nutrition Academy presents a more objective approach to nutrition and health, backed by science and years of clinical experience. It’s not about being 100% raw or being vegan or being paleo or anything else. We will discuss these topics (and others) so that you can follow the path that works best for you.

    Second, Super Nutrition Academy goes into much greater detail about ALL aspects of your health and nutrition, answering all of your pressing questions, and equipping you with the know-how of most nutritionists.

    As someone who is dedicated to bettering your health and body, it’s important that you continually be learning. And learning the fundamentals of how your body works and how food impacts you…is ultimate power.

    There is nothing like Super Nutrition Academy anywhere. And I’ve created it because I learned firsthand the transformational power of eye-opening nutrition education. Now I want to share the same with you.

  • Will I get recipes and meal plans or is this just education?

    The main focus of Super Nutrition Academy is education and building better habits. However, upon enrolling, you will have the opportunity to add our brand new students-only Super Nutrition Academy Cookbook to your order (at a significant discount).

  • What if this doesn’t work for me?

    Then it’s FREE. If you don’t find that Super Nutrition Academy is giving you more clarity, lessening your dietary frustrations, and helping you build better dietary habits within your first 60 days, then we’ll refund your initial tuition investment. Plus, there are no obligations and you cancel your tuition at any time (although I strongly recommend all students stay the course to benefit from all 12 modules).