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The #1 Controversial Secret on How to Never Get Sick Again

How to Never Get Sick

Getting sick is sheer misery. That being the case, I’m sure you’d love know how to never get sick again. Wouldn’t anyone?

The idea of being hopelessly out of commission for even a few days is really bothersome to me. Sadly, so many people get sick multiple times a year! I can’t even imagine what that’s like.

Thankfully, that can be avoided.

Because I know you value being productive, getting stuff done, and feeling great most of the time, I thought it would be helpful to share this controversial secret on how to never get sick.

How to Never Get Sick: An Important Disclaimer (and Why Your Doctor Will Likely Laugh at This)

Telling you that I know how to never get sick probably sounds a bit ridiculous, so let me preface this by saying that I use the term “never” loosely. However, the truth is that since I discovered this secret nearly 10 years ago, I’ve only been sick a handful of times.

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The same thing goes for thousands of our clients who’ve put this secret to use as well.

That’s a far cry from when I was in my teens and early twenties in which I caught everything from the common cold, allergies, and even the flu every few months.

I call it controversial because it is.

Show this information to your doctor and they’ll laugh at it, yet if more of their patients followed these crucial nutrition tips they would probably have more time off than a retiree. It’s ironic, too, because I laugh at the drugs many doctors prescribe.

Remember, the idea that the earth is round was once controversial too. I have tremendous respect for modern medical science, but I also believe that much of the modern medical establishment has questionable interests and is slow to investigate alternative modalities of healing, may of which have been in use for centuries!

For example, on the rare occasion that I feel myself coming down with something, I fend it off with soothing natural remedies I prepare in the kitchen like my tea for cold and flu or my bonfire cider. I don’t go running off to the doctor, because in most cases, what I prepare at home will be far more effective.

I don’t know how your doctor would feel about that, but it works for me and so many others.

If you’re happy with the status quo when it comes to your health, then this is not for you. However, if you’re tired of making one too many doctor visits that truly feel like they can be avoided, then I encourage you to consider these methods on how to never get sick.

How to Avoid the Cold and Flu

The best way to explain how your body works to keep you healthy is to go on a little journey inside.

Let’s start by considering that all of the arteries (blood vessels) in your body are like super highways that transport blood and nutrients to each cell in your body, while also helping to remove waste products.

Your blood is so important. Within this “river of life” reside your red blood cells (RBC), which carry oxygen to the cells.

From an electromagnetic perspective, each RBC has a negative charge on its outer surface and a positive charge on the inside. This ensures no two (or more) RBC stick together, since two negative charges repel each other. This is critical to understand.

Think about it for a moment; what would happen if all of the RBC started to clump together?

Your blood would become viscous and sluggish, like thick sewage. Oxygen transport would be impaired and your energy would be dramatically reduced. And if your cells are not getting oxygen, then they literally die.

Now, what if I told you that exact scenario is taking place inside of you at this very moment, without you even knowing it? Because that’s exactly what’s happening inside more than 80% of the population. Pretty crazy, I know.

Does Your Blood pH Really Matter?

pH chart

Let’s discuss the issue of pH balance and its role in the blood.

First, a definition of pH and the pH scale is needed.

The pH (potential of hydrogen) is a measure of acid and alkalinity and is measured on a scale of 0 – 14, with 7 being neutral. A pH of 0 is very acidic while a pH of 14 is most alkaline.

Your blood needs to be at a pH of around 7.4 for you to thrive (and survive).

Right away you can see that your blood must be slightly alkaline. This is critical for your health… because too much acid in the blood strips away the negative charge around your RBCs and as a result these oxygen carrying cells lose their ability to repel one another and can no longer function properly.

Instead, they coagulate (or stick together) and your blood becomes thick, lethargic, and slow moving.

Your body then becomes a reflection of this situation—you feel tired, lethargic, and sluggish.

If oxygen and nutrients are not being properly delivered to your cells, how can you be expected to operate at your best? You can’t.

To make matters worse, as these compromised RBCs continue circulating in your acidic blood stream, they begin to lose their membrane integrity and leak their contents into the bloodstream–spilling toxins, bacteria, and other waste products that can further compromise your health.

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Do “Bugs” Really Make You Sick?

Sure, there are instances where viruses and bacteria will make you sick.

But the truth is that we’re surrounded by 10x more bacteria than we have cells in our body. We are enveloped by deadly bacteria almost all the time, yet only some people get sick.

Why is that?

Since Louis Pasteur discovered the germ theory of disease stating that germs are the cause of disease, time has corrected him. Even Dr. Pasteur himself noted in his dying words:

“The germ is nothing, the environment is everything.”

The environment referred to in Dr. Pasteur’s statement is now being called the biological terrain—basically the inside of your body, especially your blood.

And it’s helpful to remember that the human body is alkaline by design, but acidic by function. Just think of the lactic acid that is created by intense exercise.

The controversial SECRET to knowing how to never get sick is really just keeping your bloodstream in its ideal alkaline range.

But again, good luck hearing that from your doctor.

Under normal conditions, the millions (even billions) of microorganisms that reside within the body are generally not dangerous. However, an imbalance of alkalinity creates a condition whereby these pests can become pathogenic and promote the spread of bacteria, yeast and other unwanted organisms.

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Most biochemists and medical physiologists have recognized pH (or the acid-alkaline balance) as a very important aspect of a healthy body. They have long known that the maintenance of an alkaline pH in the tissues and cells is critical to cellular health.

In fact, Dr. Linus Pauling, a 2-time Nobel Prize recipient, was the first to show that cancer cells CANNOT grow in alkaline environments, but only in ones that are acidic and sugar-rich.

It’s something I talk about more extensively in my New York Times best-selling book, The All-Day Energy Diet.

Because of the need to be slightly alkaline, and considering that the majority of foods we eat are acidic, our body goes to great lengths to neutralize these acids before they can make us sick.

Thus, an alkaline physiology is truly the first major line of defense against sickness and disease.

It’s quite rare to see an energized healthy person with sluggish, acidic blood.

What’s Really Killing Us

If we were to ask “what’s really killing us?”, the answer might be “acidosis”.

It has been demonstrated that an acidic, anaerobic (lacking oxygen) body environment encourages the breeding of fungus, mold, bacteria, viruses, and disease.

Consider this:

If you were to seal the door to your freezer and then unplug it, come back and open the door in two weeks, what would you find? You will likely see mold, bacteria, and microscopic bugs. Things will be growing and multiplying. Where did they all come from?

They didn’t sneak in—remember the door was sealed. The answer is… “they were always there”.

It’s simply that the environment changed to a more inviting breeding ground for these critters to thrive in. And that’s what happens inside your body when you’re too acidic. Those nasty little critters literally “activate” to start causing problems and making you sick.

How to Alkalize Your Body for Vibrant Health

How to Alkalize Your Body for Vibrant Health

If you’ve been with me for a while you know I’m a huge proponent of getting more greens into your diet. And the reason for this is that green vegetables provide the highest quantity of alkaline minerals that help your blood maintain its ideal pH.

Eating or drinking more greens is extremely important considering most people don’t get enough vegetables and that most people eat far too many acidic foods–think grains, animal products, and sugar.

When you consider this, is it any wonder why so many people are unhealthy?

So my best advice to keep you healthy and rarely getting sick is to eat (and drink) your greens.

In so doing, you’ll also be getting a boatload of essential nutrients (like vitamin C) that your body requires to stay in tip top shape.

You can do this by eating tons of healthy food and juicing on a daily basis.

That said, you and I both know that life throws us curve balls sometimes. When you’re in a rush, on the go, or simply out of food, it’s nice to have something reliable to turn to that actually makes you look and feel better with each and every sip.

That’s why I strongly recommend you get your hands on my Energy Greens. Not only are they 100% raw and organic, but they’re also the best-tasting superfoods greens powder you’ll ever have tasted.

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