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21 Awesome Chia Pudding Recipes That Make Breakfast Easy

21 Awesome Chia Pudding Recipes That Make Breakfast Easy

Mornings are hectic – we get it.

Rushing to get the kids out the door and yourself ready to work can tempt even the most stalwart clean-eater into grabbing convenience foods for breakfast – you know, things like bagels and sugary cereals.

In fact, when I first overhauled my diet, I had a hard time finding healthy eating recipes that fit into my morning routine.

But eventually I discovered some quick, easy, and healthy breakfast foods that also can be midday snacks.

One of my family’s faves? Chia pudding!

You can make it on weekends, weekdays (if you have 15 minutes to spare) or the night before and keep it in the fridge, and then toss some toppings on in the morning.

In the winter, you can heat it up for a comforting, warm breakfast. In the summer, you can eat it straight from the fridge for a refreshing, cool start to the day.

And it’s so versatile: taking on all sorts of flavors from fall-inspired pumpkin spice to nutty chocolate banana.

Behold the Chia

Chia seeds may be tiny, but they pack in a ton of nutrition – delivering protein, fiber, and healthy fats in each bite.

You can find chia seeds at natural food stores in the supplement aisle, and more and more grocery stores are now starting to carry them in their natural food section.

Look for either speckled black or white chia seeds. They can be stored for years in a cool, dry spot.

Some basics when preparing chia seeds:

  • Chia seeds expand to 10 times their dry weight in liquid.
  • When making pudding you can use almost any liquid, but keep it dairy-free for best benefits.
  • I like to use either coconut, almond, or cashew milk as the liquid base in my chia pudding.
  • It only takes about 15 minutes for the seeds to soak up the liquid and become pudding-like, but I find it easiest to prepare my chia the night before so my mornings run more smoothly.

How do you make chia? It’s super easy. Here’s the basic routine. All you do is:

  • For each serving, stir together 2 tablespoons of chia seeds to 2/3 cup nut milk, in a sealable container.
  • Once the mixture settles, shake up the mixture to reduce clumping.
  • Store in fridge until morning.
  • Add toppings, and you’re done!

Ready to start experimenting with some delicious breakfast puddings? This list is a great start.

21 Chia Pudding Recipes

1. High-Protein Carrot Cake Chia Pudding

High-Protein Carrot Cake Chia Pudding via Simply Quinoa

This pudding fills a lot of breakfast wants: it’s quick, simple, filled with protein, and not too sweet. Plus, its flavors are reminiscent of the comforting deliciousness of carrot cake.

Start your day with a pudding powered with the nutrition of quinoa, carrots, chia and hemp seeds, cinnamon, and coconut milk.

Find the recipe here: Simply Quinoa

2. Chocolate Chia Protein Pudding

Want chocolate breakfast cereal the healthy way? This recipe delivers!

This pudding contains a scoop of chocolate protein powder for an energizing start to your day.

Find the recipe here: Protein Cakery

3. Banana Chia Breakfast Custard

Banana Chia Breakfast Custard via Meaningful Eats

This amazing breakfast custard tastes like delicious banana nut bread, but is chock full of healthy ingredients.

It gets protein from chia seeds, walnuts, and egg yolks, and it’s got a lovely hint of cinnamon and vanilla.

Find the recipe here: Meaningful Eats

4. Protein Pumpkin Chia Pudding

If you want protein and love fall-inspired flavors, give this recipe a try.

Loaded with protein powder, almond butter, and chia seeds, you’ll be full for hours and have energy for your whole day.

Find the recipe here: PaleOMG

5. Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding via Yuri Elkaim

This filling and chocolaty chia pudding is a great way to sneak protein and healthy fats into your breakfast.

Protein powder adds an extra boost of protein and fresh berries give this pudding a burst of summer flavor.

Find the recipe here: Yuri Elkaim

6. Creamy Chia Cashew Pudding

You’re in for a breakfast treat with this amazing Creamy Chia Cashew Pudding.

Cashews and chia add protein to your morning routine so you won’t be hungry later. Add fresh berries for a burst of summer flavor.

Find the recipe here: Cookie and Kate

7. Coconut Almond Cream Chia Pudding

Coconut Almond Cream Chia Pudding via Half-Baked Harvest

Piled with superfoods, this chia pudding is a real breakfast treat. It’s thick and creamy like traditional pudding, yet it’s loaded with antioxidants, fiber, protein, and healthy fats to give you optimal nutrition.

Find the recipe here: Half-Baked Harvest

8. Cherry Chia Pudding with Cashew Cream

You’ll get benefits galore from this chia pudding recipe: The cherries are packed with nutrition power, and the cashew cream is a vegan-friendly version of whipped cream (so good!).

Find the recipe here: Daily Burn

9. Chia Almond Pudding Parfait

Chia Almond Pudding Parfait via Against All Grain

Putting the name “parfait” on a recipe makes it feel special, and this one deserves special attention.

Tart berries combine with chia chocolate pudding, creamy almond butter, and bananas for a breakfast you’ll crave every morning.

Get more crunch with chopped almond on top and cacao nibs for extra-rich chocolaty flavor.

Find the recipe here: Against All Grain

10. Chocolate Fudge Protein Chia Pudding

High in protein and fudgy flavor, this chia pudding recipe will have you looking forward to breakfast.

Fresh berries and chopped walnuts add a flavorful crunch and a pop of nutrition to this simple breakfast.

11. Overnight Quinoa Chia Chocolate Pudding

Overnight Quinoa Chia Chocolate Pudding via Boulder Locavore

Start your day with this yummy overnight chia pudding that features the heartiness of quinoa.

It’s packed with protein, fiber and energy-boosting nutrition to make you feel top o’ the morning good.

Find the recipe at Boulder Locavore

12. Pumpkin Spice and Pecan Chia Pudding

Enjoy this fall-inspired breakfast anytime of year. Pumpkin, pecans, chia, and cinnamon come together for a breakfast you’ll make again and again.

Find the recipe here: The Healthy Family and Home

13. Dreamy Almond Butter Chia Pudding

Dreamy Almond Butter Chia Pudding via The Almond Eater

This pudding is an almond-lovers dream. It’s swimming in protein and vitamin E, and gets tons of flavor from its delicious toppings: chopped almonds, peanuts, banana, and extra almond butter, and even some chocolate chips if you like.

Find the recipe here: The Almond Eater

14. Chocolate Chia Protein Pudding

Quick, easy, and delicious, this chocolate chia pudding contains vegan protein powder to boost the nutritional power of your breakfast.

Keep it simple or top it with coconut cream, almond butter, or chopped nuts and cacao nibs.

Find the recipe here: Running on Real Food

15. Strawberry Rhubarb Chia Pudding

Strawberry Rhubarb Chia Pudding via Blissful Basil

The sweet-tart combo of strawberry and rhubarb is featured in this recipe, which puts a modern twist on a classic pie flavor.

Fruit compote and chia pudding are layered and then topped with energizing nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, and fruit for a delicious breakfast.

Find the recipe here: Blissful Basil

16. Winter Chia Pudding

Although this delicious breakfast bowl is perfect for any weather, you’ll want to serve this recipe heated up on a cold morning.

It’s loaded with hemp and chia seeds,  almond butter, sliced kiwis, bananas, and dried cranberries, giving you a warm, healthy welcome to a dreary day.

Find the recipe here: Eye Candy Popper

17. Mango Strawberry Chia Recovery Pudding

Mango Strawberry Chia Recovery Pudding via Fueling Endurance Performance

Whether you need a healthy breakfast or post-workout recovery snack, this pudding will help build and repair muscles and give you fuel for the day.

It’s got a tasty fruit puree for sweet flavor and protein powder for staying power.

Find the recipe here: Fueling Endurance Performance

18. Pineapple Protein Chia Seed Pudding

Wake up to a tropical treat with this energizing recipe.

It contains a scoop of protein powder and is topped with pineapple for a lively and refreshing breakfast.

Find the recipe here: The Healthy Family and Home

19. High-Protein Vanilla Chia Pudding

High-Protein Vanilla Chia Pudding via Simply Quinoa

Hemp hearts, quinoa, and chia seeds give this breakfast pudding heartiness and staying power to keep you full all morning.

You’ll love waking up to this vanilla-scented breakfast cereal.

Find the recipe here: Simply Quinoa

20. Salted Caramel Chocolate Raspberry Chia Pudding

Tart raspberries pair with chocolate chia pudding and almond butter for a delightful breakfast treat.

Don’t be fooled by the decadent taste – this breakfast pudding is packed with good-for-you ingredients.

Find the recipe here: PaleOMG

21. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chia Pudding

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chia Pudding via A Saucy Kitchen

Seriously: this recipe blends not just two but several great tastes that will get you going in the morning.

Mix together this pudding the night before and wake up to a delicious, fiber-filled, nutrient-packed breakfast (that you might also decide makes a great midday snack).

Add sliced bananas and chopped almonds for a breakfast that’ll keep you full for hours.

Find the recipe here: A Saucy Kitchen

A Great Start to the Day

While we can’t help you pick out clothes or get your kids off to school, we can make your mornings easier with simple chia pudding recipes.

Make any of the 21 awesome chia pudding recipes above and you’ll have a nutritious, protein-packed breakfast to get your day started off on the right track.

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