Yuri Elkaim - She Reached Her Goal Weight in Just 21 Days- Could You?

She Reached Her Goal Weight in Just 21 Days– Could You?

Over the last several months, I’ve been running beta weight loss tests with hundreds of volunteers for my new book, The All-Day Fat Burning Diet (to be published Winter 2015). The initial part of the program is a simple, 21-day diet and fitness plan. That doesn’t sound like much. Between now and 21 days from now, there will be just three new episodes of your favorite TV show. There will be just three Friday nights and three Monday mornings. In twenty one days, you could be just 21-days longer on the hamster-wheel of life.

Or, you could be 21-days closer to the body  you’ve always dreamed of–21 days closer to living the life you deserve.

What can you do in 21-Days?

The results from my beta tests are real, tangible proof of the difference 21 days can make. Hundreds of pounds have been shed. Thousands of inches have been lost. Testimonials have begun pouring in by the dozens. Beta test participants have found my fat-burning plan works. It’s helping them rediscover their youthful energy, relish meals made with life giving food, and take consistent healthy action daily.

While weight loss always sounds like a massive win, I was particularly affected by one participants story of how show reclaimed her overall health. In just 21-days.

Antoinetta signed up for my beta test with weight loss as a hope, but not her primary goal. She’d actually lost several pounds and still felt terrible. Chronic ulcer pain was her daily companion. She was suffering with heart burn and struggling with a constantly achy body. So she came to the beta test hoping to reset her digestion. I was delighted to welcome her on board.

Weight loss is a good goal, but it’s not the only goal. My goal as a holistic nutritionist and fitness coach isn’t to get you to weigh in at some magical number. It’s to help you reclaim your life. I only succeed when you feel better than you’ve ever felt before.

Think that isn’t possible? Afraid you’ve waited too long and let your chance pass you by? It’s never too late. You can change. You can achieve your goals.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what Antoinetta was able to do in just 21-days, told in her own words:

Weight Loss Transformation

“21 Days Later My Ulcer Pain is Gone”

Throughout the Fat-Burning Diet Beta Test, I asked participants to keep a journal of their experience. After 21 days on the diet, Anoinetta revisited her journal and recorded her personal insights of the experience. 

Basically, I had gotten a bit out of control with my food choices and was feeling the consequences. In general, I always try to eat very natural, healthy foods (very little to no gluten, processed foods, sugar, etc) but had gotten in to a bad spell of eating a lot of junk. I had gained a few pounds since the summer, but had gotten them back off through exercise.

Even with the weight gone though, I was still feeling awful – the weight was not a good indicator of what I was doing to my body! I was feeling ‘blubbery’ and ached all over with heart burn starting to be a common occurrence again.

(As a child I had a lot of issues with getting sick every time I ate and doctors could never determine why…. As an adult I have finally figured out that I definitely have issues digesting foods that have artificial ingredients…. Would certainly have been nice to understand that during the first 25 or so years of my life!)

Seek Improvement Not Perfection | Yuri Elkaim

Anyway… I thought this program would be the perfect kickstart to get me back on track and enhance my ability to really embrace and understand the choices I make day to day. And to be honest, Yuri’s attitude of trying to seek improvement, not perfection is 100% on par with how I approach my diet and how I want to teach the people around me to live. The ‘all or nothing’ mentality that I feel a lot of health professionals try to embark on people is just too much for most people to handle – at least at day 1 of their journey (its hard to imagine that they can ever live without pizza or Oreo’s – but as I was explaining to my family tonight – you are not giving these things up, you just have to be a little more creative to come up with replacements that taste great too and don’t leave you feeling terrible…). I am using myself as the test subject, but have already gotten 1 friend on board and was really excited to hear her tell me how much better she is feeling.

In addition, I also find the ‘food cycling’ to be very interesting so was wanting to try it out – I had never really thought about changing it up intentionally day to day, but I think it’s a great way to not only get physical results, but mentally overcome some of the hurdles of the typical way we view ‘diet’. It’s a lifestyle not a diet…..My goal is to find that ‘style’ that works for me so that I no longer consider it a ‘test’.

On day 1, I wrote in my journal how I was feeling and described it as follows:

  • Mild heart burn, stomach tightness all day
  • Side stitches during 6 mile easy run
  • Stomach feels ‘blubbery’
  • General aching in back, neck, shoulder, legs (typical)

On day 21, I am happy to say that I have not had one bit of heart burn or pain from my stomach ulcers since starting this program.

Previously, any time my stomach would get empty, the acid would start churning away and I had shooting pains. I was worried about the fasting days because I thought there was no way that I could survive without severe stomach pain. Much to my surprise, never once did I have any pain…. When I look in the mirror I ‘feel’ better about what I am seeing…. And this week I even saw 125 on the scale….. it didn’t stay for longer than one day, but I know it will eventually (125 has always been my goal…. But I honestly thought I would never get there…). Today’s measurements were down more than I expected and were just the perfect boost to convince me that I am heading in the right direction.

I have incorporated the exercises in to my weekly workout schedule, and really love the extra kick that I get from them. My shoulder pain has subsided quite a bit, and I am sure it’s due to the gained strength (before, I have not done much with weights or strength training even though I know that I should!)

2015-02 Antoinetta Lindell - AFTERSM

My goal throughout the next 21 days will be to try and incorporate some of my own recipes in to the plan so that it’s more of a learning experience that I can translate in to long term living. The recipes for the most part have been really great…. Some have challenged me outside of my food comfort zone – some to my pleasure and some not so much! But I am glad that I branched out and tried new things. Now… to continue on and really see the results I am looking for (in the mirror and in overall health).


Where to Start

Did you see that? Check it out again and you might notice. Antoinetta ended her 21-day experience by making a plan for the next 21 days. This is great. She’s setting herself up for long-term success, because she’s creating realistic, achievable short term goals that move her in the direction of her ultimate goal.

Also of note: Antoinetta knows she made measurable change because she measured it.

The only want to make progress is to have a goal and a plan. If you have nothing to track, nothing to aim for, nothing to overcome, then you have nothing to achieve. So, follow Antoinetta’s example and make yourself a realistic 21-day goal right now.

And, if you need a plan? Try this.

What Do You Want to Do in 21-Days?

So tell me: What are you working toward? What are your ultimate life goals? And what is one simple thing you’ll do for the next 21-days to get there? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear what your weight loss and fitness goals are.

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