Yuri Elkaim - Amazing Abs Solution Success - Dana Tantilllo

Amazing Abs Solution Success – Dana Tantilllo

“45-year old inspiration sheds 9.8% body fat, sculpts a sexy six pack, and says ‘bye-bye’ to sit-ups for good!”

I’d like to introduce you to Dana Tantillo…

The most recent WINNER of our Amazing Abs Solution 12-week transformation contest (which just ended on July 24th).

As you can tell by her before and after photos, her transformation is pretty RIDICULOUS!

Not only are her photos a testament to her amazing success but so too is her journey over the last 24 months. You can read it all below.

I recently spent 15 minutes on the phone with Dana to get a more in-depth record of her amazing abs solution transformation and I think you’ll get some really inspiring nuggets from our interview.

Listen to our interview here:

Here’s what Dana had to say about her Amazing Abs Solution journey:

“My 12-week transformation actually started 12 months ago. On July 4, 2011, my husband and I were invited to a fireworks display and I didn’t have any shorts to wear. I made a pair of cutoffs out of an old pair of jeans that I thought were too big. Sadly, they were very tight and I spent the evening very uncomfortable and sucking in my belly.

I had been working out a couple of times a week, but my diet was inconsistent and my dedication to working out was halfhearted at best. Two days later, I joined a local gym, bought some personal training time and was weighed and measured. I started at 142 pounds and 26 percent body fat.

During my workouts I could see that I was building good upper and lower body strength but my core was like an out of shape target in the middle of my body. I started taking some of the Ab classes at the gym – hundreds of crunches and very little to show for them other than a permanent abrasion on my tailbone!

After two and a half months, I had dropped 10 pounds and 3 percent of my body fat. I was feeling much better and starting to look better too. Then everything fell apart. Thanks to my weight loss, I discovered a lump in my breast. The same week, while waiting for biopsy results, I herniated a disk in my upper back. I had back surgery on September 29, 2011, was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 days later, and had a bilateral mastectomy on October 18, 2011.

Two months later, it was back in the gym to try to regain my fitness, as well as figure out how my new body was going to work. I still had more reconstructive surgery scheduled for 3 months later, so my time was limited.

I returned to the gym to work with my trainer, and attended the Ab class faithfully. Eating better and getting stronger were my main concerns for the first quarter of 2012. By the time I had to take another training break for surgery, my weight was stable and my body fat was about 24 percent. During my recovery, I started looking for a smarter way to get in shape. I had been doubling up on cardio classes and jogging on the treadmill, but I wasn’t really making any progress. I learned about high intensity interval training (why hadn’t I heard of this before?) and my internet searches led me to Yuri Elkaim’s website.

As I was considering purchasing The Treadmill Trainer, the Amazing Abs Solution transformation special/contest was announced. I knew I had to try it since what I had been doing was obviously not working. With my purchase, I received a one-month trial membership to Fitter-U Fitness and the Locker Room Forums. Even though I was not able to continue the membership through the 12 week Amazing Abs Solution program, I took what I learned and worked with it.

With a renewed purpose (and a contest to motivate me!), I dedicated myself to the Transformation Challenge. I cleaned up my diet, and got to work. I learned I had been overtraining, not eating for energy, and doing ALL THE WRONG core work. During the first week of Build, I thought I had made a mistake. It seemed a little too easy and not very intense. HA! Wrong Again!! Week 2 of Build kicked my butt all over my living room and each week was a new and demanding challenge.

About halfway through Sculpt, I started to notice my body changing. My waist was tightening, my belly got flatter, and my clothes were falling off. The more positive changes I saw, the more dedicated I became to seeing this program through to the end. I have never been able to stick with an at-home program before, but now I realize it was probably because I wasn’t seeing any results.

My favorite part of the program is having Yuri with me in my living room! His unscripted style, humor, and hard work (if he is breathing that hard imagine what it is doing to me) pushed me through every workout. Yuri is so encouraging during the workouts I really feel that he was with me through the whole process.

I have learned that I can do more than I ever thought possible. I know now that my attitude and mental toughness toward the workouts is a bigger part of the picture than my physical strength. By pushing myself out of my comfort zone and completing the program (yay me!), I am stronger in every aspect of my life. My diet is clean, my body is fit, and I cannot wait to see what challenges lie ahead!

Now, I’ll let my before and after pictures and measurements speak for themselves…

Before 05/01/2012
Dana Tantillo, 45yrs old
H: 5’5″ W: 128 lbs
Body Fat: 23.8%
chest: 37″
waist: 28″
hips: 37″
Goals for 12 week Challenge: Waist 26″, Hips 36″, body fat less than 21%, AND A SIX PACK!!!

After 07/22/2012
Dana Tantillo, 45yrs old
H: 5’5″ W: 120.5 lbs
Body Fat: 14%
chest: 35.5″
waist: 26″
hips:  35″
…. and my results far exceeded my goals!”


WOW….is really I could say when Dana sent us these incredible results.

Why not give her some LOVE by posting a supportive/congratulatory comment below.

And if you’d like similar results, then YOU TOO can use the Amazing Abs Solution program to get your own…amazing abs!

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