Yuri Elkaim - Amazing Abs Solution Success Story - Marija Mata

Amazing Abs Solution Success Story – Marija Mata

“Discover how a new mom loses 40 lbs of post-pregnancy weight while breastfeeding and working towards her PhD.”

I was blown away when Marija Mata sent us her before and after photos for our recent Amazing Abs Solution 12-week transformation contest. Not only do her photos speak for themselves but she also managed to drop 40 lbs of “baby weight” in just 12 weeks…and this is all while breastfeeding and working towards her PhD.

I’ve included a recent phone interview I did with Marija (below) and you can also read about the incredible journey that led her to finish as the 2nd WINNER in Amazing Abs Solution transformation contest.

But first, check out these photos…

amazing abs solution

Listen to our interview here:

Here’s what Marija had to say about her Amazing Abs Solution journey:

“It’s hard to believe that 12 weeks have passed! I have to admit that these have been very intense, committed and exiting 12 weeks! I never thought it would be possible to see such gains in just 12 weeks.

In order to explain why I joined FUF and AAS, let me share a little bit of my journey from pregnancy to motherhood. It’s a journey I‘ve taken once, but I‘ve learned some great lessons along the way. When I got pregnant, I started out worrying how I’d handle the inevitable weight gain.

I decided right from the beginning that I will enjoy my pregnancy to its fullest. And boy, did I enjoy it: curly fries, creamed mashed potatoes and unlimited fruit portions. I faced many challenges after I gained more than 60 pounds that didn’t melt right off after my son’s birth. Gone were the days when I had endless hours and energy to exercise.

With small baby in the foreign country and no possibility to join gym I was lost. After few months of this frustration, I had totally lost confidence in myself and my ability to achieve goals. I certainly didn’t know whose body I was looking in the mirror. Like so many women in this position I was overwhelmed with motherhood.

I was so lucky to learn about Yuri’s Fitter U Fitness and Amazing Abs Solution programs! My life today is nothing like it used to be. I am daily leading myself to the transformation I never dreamed possible! I went from 169 pounds to 129 pounds, which is less than I weighed in high school! Losing the excess weight and getting in shape have changed my life in many ways.

I am healthier and happier. I am able to greet challenges with a positive attitude, and I possess a will to succeed that I never had before. I finally feel strong, capable, and comfortable in my own skin.

The battles along the way helped me fight even harder for what I wanted — to be fit again, to be an athlete again. I am currently running 4-5 days a week faster and longer every time. I successfully finished my first half marathon last weekend. Words just can’t describe how amazing that feels.

Yuri’s program is different because of the bullet proof plan provided and the fact that there is not guess work! I never hit a “dead end” while training for my goals, especially when there is always someone there to encourage me (Yuri on my iPod). I also have an amazing FUF support system with the wonderful people I have met, as we encourage and motivate each other.

The biggest benefit is the reaction you get from people who haven’t seen me in a while! Also, no longer feeling helpless in the quest for a fitter body. I now believe I have more of the answers than questions and I feel in control of my fitness level and I am even more confident in my future goals!

Starting weight: 169 pounds
Finishing weight: 129 pounds
Total Weight lost: 40 pounds

Body measurements:

Hips: 95 cm
Waist: 74 cm
Thigh: 55 cm
Upper arm: 25.5 cm
Chest: 83 cm
Belly bottom: 82 cm

Thanks a lot Yuri! Without your expertise and support it wouldn’t be possible to achieve these amazing results. I know this journey has just begun, and I want to be strong and healthy as I continue into my 40s, 50s, and on. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP.”


Fantastic work Marija. We’re all really proud of your amazing transformation and dedication to reaching your goals – no matter what.

If Marija’s story has touched or inspired you please leave her a comment below.

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