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6 Massive Health Benefits of Chlorophyll You Should Want

6 Health Benefits of Chlorophyll You Want

Most of us learned about chlorophyl’s transformative powers back in elementary school, when we were taught how it helped plants turn sunlight into energy.

But did you know about the health benefits of chlorophyll when it comes to your body?

It’s considered a natural deodorant that helps with bad breath, it supports digestive health, shows promise as a cancer fighter, and more. Scientists continue to study the benefits of chlorophyll, learning more about its potential when it comes to your health.

Seriously, there’s a reason it’s considered an ultimate superfood.

What is Chlorophyll?

The name chlorophyll is derived from two Greek words meaning “green leaf,” and was first isolated in 1817. It’s what gives plants their green color, and is involved in the process of photosynthesis, which helps plants absorb sunlight and convert it to energy

When it comes to humans, however, chlorophyll is a powerhouse: It’s packed with vitamins A, C, K, and E and minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. Not only that, it’s a great source of essential fatty acids.

6 Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

1. It’s a Natural Deodorant

Worried about bad breath? Chlorophyll is commonly prescribed to patients suffering from halitosis, as it can relieve foul odors emanating from the back of the throat and mouth.

It’s also effective against Candida albicans (commonly known as “yeast”), which is primarily responsible for oral thrush and bad breath.

There’s also evidence that one of chlorophyll’s health benefits is that it supports digestion and reduces the odor of flatulence.

A 1980 study performed on 62 geriatric patients found that chlorophyll supplementation helped in reducing body and fecal odor, relieving constipation and flatulence (1).

2. It Shows Cancer-Fighting Potential

Many studies have shown chlorophyll to be a powerful natural cancer fighter, particularly effective against colon cancer.

Studies suggest it protects the body from toxins, ranging from those we breathe in to harmful chemicals in cooked meats and aflatoxins (toxins found in foods like nuts and grains).

Studies also hint that it protects the DNA from mutagenic chemicals, which change genetic material. It prevents the absorption of aflatoxins in the intestines, which are a known carcinogenic.

Studies have shown that another of chlorophyll’s health benefits is that it may induce death in cancer cells (2).

3. It Is an Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant

Chlorophyll has potent anti-inflammatory properties and has been used against a host of inflammatory conditions like arthritis, sinusitis, pancreatitis, and respiratory conditions.

It also is an antioxidant, scavenging free radicals to reduce oxidative stress on the body.

Chlorophyll is also considered one of nature’s most potent chelating agents, which means it binds to heavy metals in the body, helping to render them useless so they can be eliminated (3).

Another health benefit of chlorophyll is in its Vitamin K, which stimulates the adrenal system and helps in detoxification. It stimulates anti-aging hormones, thus helps the body to rejuvenate and rebuild itself.

4. It Has Antimicrobial Powers

Chlorophyll shows anti-microbial powers, helping to kill or stop the growth of bacteria and fungus.

A 2007 study demonstrated that chlorophyll extracts were able to stop Candida albicans infections. It is also able to stimulate wound healing by hindering the bacterial growth in the wounds (4).

5. It’s a Blood and Immunity Booster

One of chlorophyll’s benefits is in its ability to recharge and boost bone marrow function.

By stimulating the bone marrow, it causes an increase in the production of the blood cells. An increased number of red blood cells improves blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity, thus detoxifying and rejuvenating all the systems automatically (5).

An increased number of white blood cells mean a supercharged immunity.

6. It Curbs Food Cravings and Promotes Weight Loss

According to the results of 2013 study, chlorophyll can help you feel fuller longer.

Researchers studied the effect of chlorophyll on curbing food cravings in overweight women.

The study found that eating a chlorophyll-rich meal helped stabilize blood sugar and dropped the secretion of cholecystokinin, a peptide hormone responsible for stimulating the digestion of fat and protein. It reduced the hunger motivation by increasing the levels of satiety.

This could help potentially stimulate weight loss in the long run (6).

Best Food Sources of Chlorophyll

The best sources of chlorophyll are alfalfa, Damiana, wheat grass, and aloe vera, many of which are easily blended into smoothies.

Green leafy vegetables and herbs that also contain chlorophyll and are smoothie-friendly are spinach, kale, coriander, parsley, celery, basil, and mint.

In the vegetable department, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and green tomato are rich in chlorophyll.

How to Get More Chlorophyll Benefits

A great way to boost your chlorophyll intake is to drink it up! Check out my FREE guide, How to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie, to get more of of the health benefits of chlorophyll into your diet! Download for FREE now.

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