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17 Recipes Full of Probiotic-Rich Foods You Need to Start Making

17 Recipes Full of Probiotic-Rich Foods You Need to Start Making

Whether you like it or not, your body is teeming with bacteria. Don’t worry! These bacteria pose no threat to you and are essential to maintaining key bodily functions and overall health. This community of bacteria is often referred to as a microbiome, and your whole system can go out of whack if your microbiome is off-balance.

Healthy digestion, clear skin, and good metabolic health all signal a properly working microbiome. Consuming probiotic-rich foods, which contain live and active bacterial cultures, is a great way to contribute to the health of your microbiome. The “good” bacteria in probiotics are the same bacteria that populate a healthy gut.  So it just makes sense to eat probiotic-rich fermented foods on a regular basis.

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DIY Probiotic-Rich Foods

Making fermented food at home is a great way to ensure you get probiotics in your diet, and you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to ferment in your own kitchen. Plus, experimenting with new techniques can make trying new healthy eating recipes fun. For fermentation to work, you need carbohydrates (vegetables like cabbage, beets, and carrots), salt, and time.

As time passes, carbohydrates are broken down into acids by probiotic bacteria. This makes the food easier to digest, populates your gut with healthy probiotic bacteria, and will help you absorb nutrients more easily from the food you eat. Some fermentation recipes call for whey, but I don’t recommend a dairy-based approach.

Dairy has been implicated in causing allergies and irritable bowel syndrome, and 75 percent of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. Dairy consumption has been linked to prostate cancer, and according to 2001 study suggests that ingesting dairy products increases an insulin-like growth factor in the body associated with cancer (1).

Salt is really all you need to suppress the growth of all mold and bacteria in your recipe while encouraging the growth of the desired Lactobacilli strains. If you do use a starter culture, make sure to use a non-dairy whey from coconut milk or almond milk kefir. Homemade fermented food offers an inexpensive and easy way to get probiotic-rich nutrients into your diet.

Try any of the 17 recipes below to improve your gut health while enjoying fresh, tasty, good-for-you food.

1. Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut - Relishing It

Homemade sauerkraut is incredibly easy and inexpensive to make. The hardest part is waiting several weeks for the cabbage to ferment, but you’ll be happy you did. This sauerkraut is delightfully crunchy and tangy, perfect for serving as a side dish, mixed in a salad, or as is.

Find the recipe here: Relishing It

2. Kombucha Chia Seed Smoothie

Kombucha supports healthy digestion, strengthens the immune system, and helps with weight loss, and the nutrients it contains exemplify eating for energy. Prep a big batch of kombucha in a large mason jar and keep it in the fridge. This kombucha chia seed smoothie makes a great afternoon snack and delivers serious health all in one ready-to-sip smoothie.

Find the recipe here: Yuri Elkaim

3. Indian Kimchi

Indian Kimchi - Sarah Wilson

Not only does kimchi offer healthy probiotics, but it has also been shown to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Give your kimchi an Indian twist with this incredible, fragrant recipe that’s jam-packed with health-boosting vitamins and nutrients.

Find the recipe here: Sarah Wilson

4. Fermented Apples

Commonly, our minds gravitate towards fermented foods made from vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi. However, fermented fruits are equally delectable. These fermented apples stand as prime examples, delighting your palate with their unexpected blend of pleasant sweetness countered with a subtle tanginess.

Find the recipe here: Empowered Sustenance

5. Beet Kvass

Beet Kvass - Our Nourishing Roots

Kvass, a fermented drink from Russia, is thought to cleanse the blood, detox the liver, and support kidney health. The beets lend this fermented drink a beautiful deep purple color and plenty of healthy nutrients. When substituting salt for whey, be sure to read through the notes in this recipe for proper measurements.

Find the recipe here: Our Nourishing Roots

6. Fermented Mustard

Once you’ve tasted this extraordinary fermented mustard, you’ll abandon the idea of going back to store-bought versions forever. Generously spread it on your favorite meats or integrate it into your salad dressings; this condiment not only elevates your meals but also provides the added advantage of probiotic benefits.

Find the recipe here: Nourished Kitchen

7. Almond Milk Kefir

Almond Milk Kefir - Linda Wagner

Kefir is a nutritional powerhouse filled with probiotics, an array of vitamins, and essential minerals, all of which work together to bolster your immune system function. Embark on making this delightful non-dairy almond milk kefir at home. It’s the perfect addition to enhance your smoothies, a beautiful drizzle on fresh fruit, or simply to enjoy on its own.

Find the recipe here: Cultures for Health

8. Kimchi

Kimchi, a fermented cornerstone of Korean cuisine, merits addition to your dietary regimen for both its unique taste and substantial health benefits. You’re bound to be captivated by the luminous colors and the robust flavor of this traditional fermented dish, teeming with cabbage, carrots, daikon radish, and a harmony of invigorating spices.

Find the recipe here: Mommypotamus

9. Probiotic Protein Shake

Coco-Berry Prebiotic Protein Shake - Yuri Elkaim

This healthy probiotic protein shake includes both prebiotics and probiotics for optimal gut health. Prebiotics and probiotics work synergistically to strengthen the intestinal wall, improve mineral absorption, and boost overall health. Use coconut milk kefir in this tasty shake and you’ll still reap the benefits of probiotics.

Find the recipe here: PotLuck

10. Homemade Fermented Veggies

Homemade Fermented Veggies - Hello Glow

Packed with cabbage, kale, and carrots, these homemade fermented veggies are perfect to serve as a side dish that your digestive system will love.

Find the recipe here: Shahzadi Devje

11. Coconut Milk Yogurt

Coconut Milk Yogurt - The Coconut Mama

Make your own dairy-free coconut milk yogurt with this simple recipe.  Serve topped with fresh fruit or add to smoothies and shakes for a probiotic-packed snack.

Find the recipe here: The Coconut Mama

12. Kale Kimchi

Consider trying this variation on the classic Korean fermented vegetable delight, featuring the nutrient-rich green superfood, kale. This innovative spin infuses an intriguing element into the popular condiment, presenting a novel way to enjoy the time-honored tradition of kimchi while reaping the health benefits of incorporating kale into your diet.

Find the recipe here: Fermented Food Lab

13. Kombucha

Kombucha - The Healthy Maven

Kombucha is a fermented tea packed full of probiotics, amino acids, and vitamins to keep your digestive system balanced. It’s a little sweet, a little fizzy, and perfect for delivering healthy bacteria to your gut.

Find their recipe here: The Healthy Maven

14. Fermented Salsa

Transform the lush yield of your garden into a probiotic-rich culinary delight with this tantalizingly spicy fermented salsa recipe. This is a brilliant way to turn snacking into a healthful indulgence. After all, why not embrace an eating habit that adds vibrancy to your meals while simultaneously promoting a happy and healthy gut?

Find the recipe here: Garden Betty

15. Hot Pink Jalapeño Garlic Kraut

Both sour and fiery, this vibrant pink jalapeño garlic sauerkraut brings a robust punch to the table, thanks to the potent mix of jalapeño and garlic. Serving as a powerful side dish or condiment, it’s practically overflowing with rich, layered flavor. This is one sauerkraut recipe that’s bound to pique your culinary curiosity and is most certainly worth a try.

Find the recipe here: Nourished Kitchen

16. Pineapple Turmeric Sauerkraut and Gut Shot

From this extraordinary recipe, you’ll obtain a tangy, sweet, and rejuvenating pineapple turmeric sauerkraut, along with a gut shot. Wondering what a gut shot is? Simply pour the surplus brine from the kraut into a glass and savor it as a healthy “shot” – a condensed delivery system packing an impressive array of nutrients into a small serving.

Find the recipe here: Fermented Food Lab

17. Fermented Pickles

Fermented Pickles - My Humble Kitchen

An abundance of garden cucumbers means one thing– fermented pickles! Not only is this recipe simple, but it also produces crunchy, perfectly spiced pickles that are swimming in probiotic-rich juices.

Find the recipe here: Make Sauerkraut

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Got more questions about 17 Recipes Full of Probiotic-Rich Foods You Need to Start Making Check out some commonly asked questions about this topic below.

What does the term “probiotic-rich” refer to in these recipes?

Probiotic-rich refers to the high content of probiotics in these recipes. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that promote a healthy gut microbiome, aiding in digestion and supporting immune function.

Are these 17 recipes suitable for beginners?

Yes, these recipes are designed to cater to all skill levels, including beginners, with clear, step-by-step instructions to guide you.

Can I modify these recipes to suit my taste?

Absolutely! Feel free to modify these recipes to suit your personal preference, keeping in mind that certain changes might affect the probiotic content.

Probiotics are Pro-Health

Optimal gut health is important for your overall well-being. One of the best ways to promote a healthy digestive tract is to introduce more probiotic-rich foods into your diet to help feed the healthy bacteria that keep your plumbing humming. Give any of these 17 delicious fermented food recipes a try – not only will fermenting be a fun experiment, but your stomach will also thank you.

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