Yuri Elkaim - Client Hall of Fame Interview with Kairiin Bright

Client Hall of Fame Interview with Kairiin Bright


Adam: Welcome to another installment of Total Wellness Consulting’s Client Hall of Fame. My name is Adam Elkaim, and today on the call I would like to introduce our newest Hall of Fame inductee member, Kairiin Bright. Kairiin, how you doing this morning?

Kairiin: I’m doing very well, thank you.

Adam: That’s great. Now, Kairiin has been an avid follower of ours I believe since we almost started the company. I think back in 2008 you originally found us. Is that about right?

Kairiin: That sounds about right.

Adam: Excellent. Kairiin, I just want to start off here with a first question. What did your life look like before you found us on the web?

Kairiin: Well, I’ve always been interested in the balance of exercise and nutrition and finding the balances very hard. As Yuri is quick to out, there’s a lot of confusing information out there. I probably knew more about nutrition than I did about exercise and so I was initially interested in the exercise particularly. Then as I learned more about what Yuri had to offer in terms of nutrition, I found his approach very balanced.

I’m always concerned about any kind of nutrition advice that is too extreme and it completely cuts out certain kinds of foods. So, I’m looking for balance in life. Before Yuri, exercise was my particular area of weakness and I’d like to say that Yuri has turned weakness into a strength. Exercise is now a strong area in my life and he’s also clarified a lot in terms of nutrition, a lot of confusing misconceptions.

Adam: That’s great, yeah. I was just taking a look through your history here as well Kairiin. I see that you’ve purchased in the past Eating for Energy, Fitter You Fitness, and Super Nutrition Academy. So, you’ve really discovered both sides of the business for us as far as the nutrition aspect, as far as the fitness aspect as well. Now like, for Fitter You Fitness for example Kairiin, what was your first call to action when you found the program? Was there anything that stood out to you? Was there anything different that our workouts involved that you never saw before? What made you really sign up for it in the first place?

Kairiin: I liked the long-term. I discovered from Yuri that doing the same exercises over and over again isn’t the answer and I thought it was. For example, I had this little yoga routine that I’d worked out, that I used off and on for 20 years, exactly the same routine. And what I learned from Yuri was that it’s really important to change things up. So, what attracted me to the Fit or You Fitness was the two year plan that you would keep growing and changing and that there would always be something different.

Now that I know that that’s important that’s what attracted me. It wasn’t one routine that I’d learn once and then get bored with it, but there would be constant change and growth.

Adam: Definitely and that’s why the Fitter You Fitness program itself is really beneficial because there are 24 months of workout. So, there are a lot of different routines that are involved within those two years instead of just doing the same thing consistently day in and day out. It is really important to kind of change up those workouts, which is awesome, and you are actually one of our first members for Fit or You Fitness too, so you are one of the guinea pigs for sure.

Now, when you signed up were you scared or skeptical at first? Like of Yuri’s teachings or were you a really a firm believer when you first signed up?

Kairiin: I guess, one thing that I found a bit off putting is, as you know I’m sure from looking at my file, is that I’m a Canadian and Yuri’s very gung-ho in kind of an American way. Like, rah, rah, rah. I found that a bit off-putting, a bit too heavy in the sales side of it, but that said, it wasn’t all hot air. There’s a lot of actual knowledge and expertise and ability and real heart behind it. So, once I could put that aside the sort of rah, rah, rah stuff then… and it’s also part of the sports world. Right?

Adam: Of course.

Kairiin: You’re allowed to do rah, rah, rah. So, putting that aside and looking at the real niche that was there, there is a tremendous amount of them, and I’ve learned a great deal from him in both areas, nutrition and fitness.

Adam: Awesome. Now when you originally started the fitness routines and stuff like that, did you have some initial challenges? Did you find you were tested on a daily basis when you were doing the workouts and stuff like that?

Kairiin: I’m sure for most people the biggest challenge is just to stay faithful, to keep at it. I must say that I found it difficult to get my head around all the different pieces that were involved in each month and so once I overcame that, I expect that there are ways to simplify the presentation. There are a lot of different files and it seems very complicated to get them all organized into ways that were useful to me, but once I did that then it’s a very sophisticated program and there are a lot of different pieces for a lot of very good reasons. He does give you a great deal of variety to choose from for your alternate workout. And in the end, I really appreciate all the alternatives so that I can tailor it to my needs.

I have a couple of specific needs. One of them is that I have a problem with my right hip. I have a bit of bone loss in my right hip and it’s very challenging to keep that area flexible because it tends to cramp up. I also have some neck stress, so because of the variety that was available, I was able to not only do the basic workout, but also to target the areas that are of particular interest to me.

Adam: That’s great. Excellent. Now, what was your ultimate reward or success from achieving the Fitter You Fitness program or Eating for Energy or even Super Nutrition Academy? What did you really gain from all that?

Kairiin: I gained a much deeper understanding of the balance between nutrition and exercise, the importance of having both pieces or keeping all the balls in the air, and it’s not wise to do one without the other. You need to control and optimize your nutrition at the same time as you exercise your body.

The reward is energy, is that feeling of vitality that you can tackle anything. As I often say to people, if I’m getting enough sleep and eating properly and drinking enough water and exercising, if I’m keeping sort of all those major balls in the air, I can do anything. I can handle the stress of owning my own business. I have partners. We have our own business and it’s fairly new. So, there’s a lot of stress as I’m sure you know, as there is at a new business, and just the stress that anybody has in life, the challenges of life.

I feel like I can stay on top of it and flourish and take the good part of the stress when my body feels good when my body is serving me well because it’s properly nourished and exercised.

Adam: That’s great. Yeah, I think they say a right body or right mind kind of thing, right? So, I think it’s really important to stay physically active and it’s not only just for appearance-wise. It’s also about a mental state as well and how you’re able to accomplish things in the physical fitness world as well as nutrition. Those actually in turn lead to better successes and other aspects of your life whether that be in business or relationships or whatever the case may be, right?

Kairiin: Absolutely. That’s exactly what I’m saying, yes.

Adam: Now Karen, were you able to inspire other people with your successes that you’ve achieved over the last few years?

Kairiin: Yes. My sister Marilyn is a regular. Gets all of the emails and has use of some of the programs. I think she’s now training for a full marathon. I’m running a half marathon; she’s running a full marathon.

Adam: That’s great.

Kairiin: In a couple of weeks. So, we’re in the final throws of training for that.

Adam: That’s great. So, I wish you all the best with that too.

Kairiin: Thank you very much. I recommend it to quite a number of people. The business people that I know are using Yuri’s advice and the other one is a friend of mine. Her name’s Ada and she’s running the half marathon with me and so we’re following a lot of Yuri’s advice as we prepare for that.

Adam: That’s great. I think the best way of inspiring others is by them seeing the kind of benefits you’ve gained from making changes into your life as well. That doesn’t have to say it has to do with our programs or whatever the case maybe. That could be with anything in life really. So, when people see that you’ve made a change in your life and that you’re glowing because you’ve changed your diet or you’ve lost ten or 20 pounds because you’re physically fit, they’ll ask you, what have you been doing?” They want to learn from that and maybe incorporate that into their own lifestyle as well. That’s one thing we really are adamant about in our company is just really spreading the word of wellness and well-being and I think you’ve done a great job Kairiin for sure.

Kairiin: Thank you. Yes.

Adam: Excellent, Karen. Well, I wanted to thank you once again for taking the time to have this call with me this morning. You are definitely going to be an inspiration to other listeners that are going to be listening onto the blog. If you would like to hear this recording or see the written transcript of it you can always follow us on our blog at Yurielcame.com [SP]. You’ll see our client Hall of Fame on the right side of the blog and Karen, once again, thanks for your time this morning.

Kairiin: Thank you very much Adam. It was a pleasure speaking with you.

Adam: Thanks, Karen.

Kairiin: Okay.


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