Yuri Elkaim - All-Day Fat-Burning Diet vs. All-Day Energy Diet

All-Day Fat-Burning Diet vs. All-Day Energy Diet

If you’re a regular visitor to the site, you might have noticed that I have a new book on the way. It’s called The All-Day Fat-Burning Diet, and I must admit, I’m very excited to share this new project with the world! It’s the culmination of my years of experience helping thousands of people lose weight, and the information I share within its pages will help thousands more do the same.

That said, if you’re familiar with my work, you might be asking yourself one question: what’s the difference between this book — The All-Day Fat-Burning Diet — and my first book, The All-Day Energy Diet, which hit number two on the New York Times Bestseller list?

I’ve received this question quite a bit recently, so it’s certainly worth discussing. The books are certainly complementary, but they differ in important ways.

The All-Day Energy Mission

All-Day Energy Diet

My first book was inspired by what I see as a modern crisis: the chronic energy deficiency so many of us face on a daily basis. In fact, I had experienced this problem myself, having suffered for 20 years of my life with low energy and few explanations, despite repeated trips to doctors and specialists of all kinds. What I didn’t realize was that I had an autoimmune condition, which eventually resulted in me losing all of my hair.

It was this trauma that made me go back to school to study holistic nutrition, which in turn lead to me cleaning up my horrible diet and digestive system. What I learned during this trying but revelatory time allowed me to heal myself and regain the energy I’d been missing for so long. These principles eventually became the foundation of The All-Day Energy Diet.

If you’ve read the book (and if you haven’t, you should), then you’ll know that one of the principles is this: “how you heal anything is how you heal everything.” The All-Day Energy Diet proved this, as it not only helped thousands of readers feel more energetic, but it also inadvertently helped them lose weight! This was a strategic by-product of the book, and it worked fantastically.

In fact, it worked so well that it left me with a question of my own: “Should I write a book strictly about fat loss?

All-Day Fat Burning Diet

Re-thinking Fat Loss

Books concerned with weight loss are a dime a dozen these days; they’re certainly a lot more common than books about regaining your energy. Still, despite such a cluttered market, I was compelled to make fat loss the topic of my next book.

Unlike many other authors, I have direct experience with the subject: as a fitness coach, I’ve guided thousands of people to significant weight loss, no matter what their unique struggle is. I’ve been able to help those who are having a hard time losing their first 50 to 100 pounds, but I’ve also helped those whose weight loss has plateaued, making it difficult for them to lose the pesky five pounds standing between them and their ideal weight. The All-Day Fat-Burning Diet is the solution to both of those scenarios.

Sadly, we live in a paradigm that holds that losing weight is pretty straightforward—that it’s simply a matter of exercising more and eating less. Unfortunately, many people do just that and still fail to see the results they want. This book rewrites the formula for them, and most importantly, gives them a more intimate understanding of how their body works. Through this insight, a simple path towards weight loss becomes clear.

The Importance of Structure

One of the foremost ways this book will help you achieve your goals is through its carefully calibrated meal plans. I understand how busy your life can be, and that’s why I completely understand why you reach for that cheap-and-fast pizza or fried chicken after work when you’re utterly exhausted. With my meal plans, I make it a great deal easier to eat healthier. This structure gives you the freedom to not have to worry about what you’re going to make at the end of each day.

In total, The All-Day Fat-Burning Diet contains 56 amazing recipes and some incredible new juices and smoothies. It all comes together in a comprehensive and easy to prepare 21-day meal plan. These recipes are all gluten, dairy and allergen free and low in sugar. They each take 15 minutes or less to prepare, and I’m certain that many of them will end up becoming household staples for you!

I’ve structured this meal plan into a five-day food-cycling formula that forms the heart of the program. By telling you when to eat what kinds of foods, The All-Day Energy Diet will help to reset your metabolism to help you lose up to five pounds per week.

I created this schedule and structure to combat the misleading eating myths which most of us live according to these days, namely, the three-square-meals-a-day myth. Though eating by the clock in this fashion may seem normal, it’s far from.

Think about this: when our Paleolithic ancestors walked the Earth, did they have access to food whenever they wanted? Could they walk down the street to Starbucks and grab a Mocha Frappuccino? Could they go to McDonald’s and get a Big Mac meal? Could they order a pizza or even open a fridge? No. They didn’t have any of that, but what they did have was access to fresh berries, some tubers and plants depending on the season and where they lived in the world, and any kind of fresh game they could catch.

These ancestors of ours didn’t have the luxury of choosing to be “vegan” or “paleo”. Eating was a matter of survival for them, and their eating habits were intimately synced with what their bodies needed. We’ve fallen far from this, as food is now a luxury for so many of us. We eat because we want to, not because we have to. That’s where the problems set in.

What we fail to remember is that our physiology hasn’t really evolved past that of our ancestors. Our food processing and preparation capabilities have evolved extensively, but our biology hasn’t kept up. We’re meant to go through periods of not eating all the time, but our modern diet simply doesn’t make room for this. If you want to see an example of our primitive physiology at work, simply try going without food for a prolonged period of time: your body will go into storage mode—which you might also consider fear or survival mode—and hold on to whatever fat it can.

Knowing this, how can we start to cycle our food so we don’t have to eat all the time and we don’t have to starve ourselves? How can we still enjoy delicious food in a way that honors our body’s natural rhythms? If you do this, you can reset your physiology so that you can effortlessly lose weight.

There’s a simple rhyme I use to remember the principles of the five-day food-cycling formula: some days high, some days low; some days yes, some days no. What it basically means is this: if you wake up in the morning and don’t want to have breakfast, guess what: that’s okay. Similarly, if you want to have a big dinner with more carbohydrates, guess what: that’s okay too. I’m going to show you in this book how to tap into your body’s inner wisdom to help you lose weight and keep it off.

By following structure built around your body’s innate needs, you can find the ultimate freedom.

Becoming a Fat-Burning Machine

I’m all about getting quick results that last. This program will shock you with its effectiveness.

My team and I took 720 beta testers through this program as I was writing the book. The results were incredible, and you can find some of them on these very pages. The biggest thing we saw—other than people losing weight in a safe, healthy manner—was the fact that the vast majority of participants reported that this is the most sustainable way of eating they had ever come across. That’s a big win for me, and just thinking about it still delights me to this day!

Your eating schedule is not the only thing you’re going to revamp in this book. I’m also going to provide you with key insights into nearly every aspect of your life to help you reset the six fat triggers that are holding you back from losing weight and keeping it off. These triggers are disrupting the hormones and circadian rhythms inside your body, which is the reason why no amount of exercise or eating right is going to make any difference. You have to rewire yourself, and we’ll do that by addressing:

  • Exercise: You might think you have to kill yourself in the gym every day to reach your weight goals, but I’ll show you how just a little exercise can yield maximum results. I provide you with specific workouts that coincide with what you’re eating.
  • Sleep: I say it time and time again, but a lack of quality sleep is one of the primary reasons so many of us have trouble maintaining our desired weight. I’ll give you new insight into your sleep patterns, so you can rework them to help you shed pounds quicker!
  • Relaxation: It’s easy to lump this in with sleep, but reducing your stress levels is a topic worthy of a book of its own. By helping you find a consistent way to relax, I’ll also help you back to the slimmest body you’ve had in years.

I hope you’re as excited about the book as I am. If you pre-order a copy today, I’ll send you a number of bonuses worth more than $116, all in advance of its December 22nd release date. We’ll also be doing something very special in the new year for everyone who has purchased the book. You won’t want to miss out on that. You can pre-order your copy at the link below.

Even if you’ve read The All-Day Energy Diet, there’s plenty of insight for you to gain in the pages of The All-Day Fat-Burning Diet. It will help you whittle your body down to where it should be. What’s more, by the end of the 21-day program, its principles will be deeply ingrained in your daily life: you won’t think twice about enjoying healthy food, exercising or generally treating your body with the care it deserves. It will all be habit!

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