A Controversial (And Underused) Way to Lose Weight | Yuri Elkaim

A Controversial (And Underused) Way to Get Lean and Strong

Chances are that you don’t like going to the gym. It’s also just as likely that you hate dieting.

Unfortunately, you probably need to lose some weight, so you’re trying to figure out the best way to do both. You probably wouldn’t be visiting this website if that wasn’t the case.

What if you didn’t have to do either? What if you could lose that weight without dieting or exercising?

I promise you this isn’t a scam or a trick. What I’m talking about is actually very simple. However, before I share it with you, I need to tell you a story.

My Visions

Back in the day, when I played professional soccer—I was a goalie—it was very easy for me to dive to my left. It was always my strongest side. Diving to my right could be problematic though. I remember when I was playing in France, there was one particular drill that required me to dive over small hurdle to my right. It was awkward and frustrating.

For the longest time, I just couldn’t figure out why it was so difficult to pull of what seemed like such a simple move. Then I had a realization: I couldn’t even visualize myself diving over the hurdle to my right with good form.

Once I realized this, I put a plan into action: I chose to spend several minutes a day with my eyes closed, visualizing myself performing the dive just as I did on my left side. I’d take any free moment to do this little exercise—it could be right before bed, first thing in the morning, or even right before practice.

Within about two weeks, I was able to execute that dive flawlessly.

I share this story to illustrate the power of visualization with you. If you think that visualization is some new age, woo-woo technique, then ask any professional athlete at any level of the game if they use it. You’ll be shocked at what you hear. From my experience, the answer is always yes.

Take a look at Olympic divers before they step up to the board. They’re often at the side of the pool with their eyes closed or locked in a gaze. Inside their mind, they’re going through their routine over and over again. In their mind’s eye, they see and feel themselves performing the tuck and roll or whatever dive they’re aiming to pull off. It’s the same thing with bobsledders, or even NASCAR racers—they both know every turn they’re going to take and they rehearse it in their mind whether they’re lying down in bed or sitting down with a cup of coffee. With a snap of the fingers, they can find themselves on the course, no matter where they really are.

All-Day Fat Burning Diet

The Science Behind Visualization for Weight Loss

There was a fascinating study performed at the Cleveland Clinic that proves my point. The researchers had one group of individuals train in a gym several times a week over three months. They had this group of individuals follow a specific strength-training program that increased their muscular strength by 30 percent.

In the study, there was also another group of people who did not go to the gym, but were asked to mentally rehearse the same workout routine in their minds. Before that and for three months after it stopped, they increased their muscular strength by 13.5 percent without exercising… not even once!

I’m not sharing all of this with you so that you never set foot in a gym again, but so you realize that the body you want begins in your mind.

If you’re not currently at the weight you want to be at, I’d wager that you have a tough time even imagining what that body looks like. What you have to realize is that things will not change until you are crystal clear about what exactly that image is.

How are you going to look when you lose those 20 pounds? What clothes will you be able to wear that you can’t now? How are you going to feel? When you know these things with crystal clarity, things will begin to shift for you. This new vision will trigger a chain of events that will push you to make the changes needed to bring your new body into being

When you immerse yourself in your new vision, there are neurological synapses that come alive, connections between nerves in your body, your brain and your nervous system that will be created simply by visualizing your results in a clear, detailed manner.

This extends beyond your body. If you want financial freedom or anything else in your life, start by visualizing it. I know this is controversial, but I’m speaking from experience. This is the approach that allowed me to map out the plan that brought me the success that I now enjoy. It can work for you too.

So, with all that said, I only have one question for you: what do you want?


Yuri Elkaim is one of the world’s most trusted health and fitness experts. A former pro soccer player turned NYT bestselling author of The All-Day Energy Diet and The All-Day Fat Burning Diet, his clear, science-backed advice has transformed the lives of more than 500,000 men and women and he’s on a mission to help 100 million people by 2040. Read his inspiring story, “From Soccer to Bed to No Hair on My Head” that started it all.