Yuri Elkaim - Free Kettlebell Workout

Free Kettlebell Workout

Try This FREE Kettlebell Workout

So today (Saturday) I set aside 15 minutes to crank out this awesome kettlebell workout in my backyard.

Before the workout, I had done a light warm-up followed by some gardening (heavy shovelling, really) and foam rolling – so I was ready to go.

The weight used in this video is 18kg.

Feel free to follow along as I do this workout. You can do it at home with nothing more than a kettlebell and your bodyweight.


Here’s the workout protocol:

1. Kettlebell swings x 10

2. Prisoner squats x 20

3. Kettlebell swings x 10

4. Push-ups x 10

5. Kettlebell swings x 10

6. Lunges x 20

7. Kettlebell swings x 10

8. Burpees x 5

9. Kettlebell swings x 10

* No rest b/w exercises and take 90 seconds rest once all exercises are completed. Perform 2 sets.

If you decide to do this workout, let me know in the comments how long it took you to complete. 

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