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Foods That Burn Belly Fat: Is There Such a Thing?

Foods That Burn Belly Fat The Real Deal

Now I’m sure you’ve seen ads all over the internet touting the benefits of certain foods that burn belly fat, right?

But is there really such thing as ONE single food that will burn belly fat?

Does eating avocados help you trim down your waistline? Or does adding cayenne pepper to your foods really speed up your metabolism to a great enough extent that more calories are being burned?

These are questions I’d really like you to consider.

The reality is that there is no single food that will have more of an impact on your belly (or your health) than your overall diet.

In this case, when it comes to fat burning foods, the whole is truly greater than in its individual parts. However, there is some truth that removing particular foods from your diet can make a difference.

So, on one hand I’m telling you that adding certain foods to your diet makes little to no difference in burning belly fat but on the other hand I’m telling you that removing particular foods does have a big impact.

Confused yet? Not to worry.

Essentially, this is what it boils down to: your body knows how to heal itself.

The problem though is that since we bombard our body with so much food it can no longer focus on what really matters (i.e. healing, repairing body tissue, breaking down disease processes, etc…).

Instead, our body is constantly digesting food – a process which takes up a huge amount of our “vital” energy.

Why do you think all major religions focus on some type of fasting?

Even the great Hippocrates, Gandhi, and many others practiced regular (and prolonged) fasts because they knew the benefits that it provided.

Want to Burn Belly Fat?

Burn Belly Fat - Vary Your Caloric Intake

The easiest way would be to not eat anything for a few days or weeks.

Obviously that’s pretty extreme and I wouldn’t advise doing it (unless you were in a supervised environment), but it hits home the point that losing belly fat comes down to reducing your caloric intake to a degree where your body can start eating away at its own fat stores.

When you add supposed “foods that burn belly fat” like avocados into the mix, you impede this process. As an example, avocados (which I love by the way – in moderation) contain over 300 calories, 90% of which are fat.

How on earth is that supposed to help you burn belly fat?

What About the Thermic Effect of “Foods That Burn Belly Fat”?

It’s well known that digestion burns calories. But how many?

Not many really.

In fact, only 10% of the calories we burn each day are due to the thermic effect of food—or our digestive process.

With that in mind, would it make sense for me to tell you to eat more food in order to burn more calories?

I don’t think so.

So, I need to warn you that when you should run for the hills when people tell you this oft-repeated myth:

“Foods that burn belly fat such as “x” will help you lose weight because it requires more calories to digest than it provides.”

Obviously foods like celery and lettuce provide few calories and require more energy to digest. But does that mean they are foods that burn belly fat?

Absolutely not.

Sure they are good for you, but try not fall into the trap of believing a lot of this nonsense that’s out there.

Before I finish, let me just go back to my earlier point where I said that removing certain foods (not adding them) can make a difference in burning belly fat.

Remove This One Food Group and Burn Belly Fat, Almost Effortlessly

Burn Belly Fat - Ditch Grains

Any idea what this food group could be? Grains!

Remove grains from your diet (or at least minimize them to a great extent) and you will be astonished by how quickly you start shedding unnecessary pounds (and feeling amazingly better).

In a lot of cases, many of our clients have seen 5-10 lbs gone in about 2 weeks just by doing this alone.

Why is this so effective and why are grains so problematic?

Well, first off, we have still not evolved to digest grains. That poses numerous digestive challenges for us.

Second, grains create many inflammatory processes in the body. (1) This is not a good thing since inflammation is at the root of most disease.

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Third, since grains are carbohydrates (and many times refined ones) they stimulate a surge of insulin to store excess sugar in the blood (which comes as a result of eating them).

Since insulin is a “storage” hormone, you will store more fat if you are constantly bringing carbohydrates (grains) into your body.

So, by simply NOT eating grains, you will feel better, look better, and start losing belly fat more easily than ever before.

Remember this…

In its “unfed”, “fasted” state your body knows exactly how to heal itself.

Once you understand this, you’ll realize that there are no foods that burn belly fat better than others. At best, they can only create an internal environment in which your body can heal itself.

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