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Fat Loss Secrets from 24 Leading Experts | Fat Loss Summit Preview

I’m sure you’d agree…

There’s nothing worse than losing a few pounds (or a lot of weight) only to see it find its way back onto your body (and with interest), right?

Some people don’t even get to that stage because they’re just not sure what to do to even start losing weight.

Whichever camp you find yourself in, I want you to know that it’s NOT your fault.

Your struggles with weight are due to something I call the “Side View Mirror Effect”

Let me explain…

We all know that cars have inherent blindspots that their side view mirrors DO NOT pick up.

That’s why we’re advised to look over our shoulder before changing lines. Otherwise, we’d likely get hit by oncoming cars.

Likewise, these side view mirrors also tell us that “objects in mirror may be closer than they appear”. Thus, we’re also getting bombarded with “false” information.

And that’s exactly what’s holding you back from losing the weight you deserve to lose…and keeping it off for good.

When it comes to creating a lean, healthy body, there are things you simply don’t know you don’t even know. These are your blind spots.

And for years, you’ve been firehosed with a ton of conflicting fitness and diet information from popular media (and even many health and fitness professionals), much of which is actually WRONG… and only making matters worse.

If you’ve ever gone on a “diet” or fitness program to lose weight that didn’t work for you… then you’ve been affected by the “Side View Mirror Effect”.

Well, not any longer. 

“Ethically Steal” Fat Loss Secrets from the Best in the Business

Because I’ve extracted some important fat loss secrets from 24 of the world’s leading fat loss experts. These snippets are from full length interviews I conducted for our Fat Loss Summit in which I captured the most coveted (and proven) fat loss strategies from the world’s best.

Here’s just a small sampling of what you can look forward to discovering in these 24 (and 2 bonus) interviews in the Fat Loss Summit.

Vince Delmonte | The Importance of Coaching

Tyler Bramlett | The #1 Habit That Can Help You Stay Lean

Dr. Tom O’Bryan | “Power Foods” That Fight Inflammation (and Fat)

Shaun Hadsall | Carb Cycling

Dr. Peter Osborne | How to Beat Fattening Inflammation Naturally

Krista Scott-Dixon | How to Do What You Know


Kelly Starrett | How to Sit Properly

Dr. Josh Axe | How to Know When Your Gut Health is Improving

Jonathan Bailor | How to Make Better Food Choices

Jon Gabriel | How to Visualize for Weight Loss

Dr. Izabella Wentz | Healing Your Thyroid and Losing Weight

Dr. Isaac Jones | How to Stop Being a “Sugar Burner”

Eric Wong | Daily Rituals to Staying Strong and Lean

Dr. Eric Cobb | How to Approach Exercise and Soreness

Dan Ritchie | How to Maintain Strength as You Age 

Craig Ballantyne | The Truth about Cardio

Christa Orecchio | How Your Gut is Making You Fat

Chris Lopez | The Most Effective Workout for Burning Fat

Brian St. Pierre | Before and Post Workout Nutrition

Brad Pilon | Why Fasting is Good for Losing Weight

Ben Greenfield | The Truth about Cold Thermogenesis, Inflammation, and Fat Loss

Dr. Alan Christianson | Your Body’s Master “On-Off” Fat Loss Switch

Abel James | The Truth about Real Foods

Get FULL ACCESS to all 24 interviews (plus 2 bonus interviews) and $68 worth in gift cards and bonuses when you register for the Fat Loss Summit today




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