Yuri Elkaim - Super Nutrition Academy: An Inside Look

A Quick Look Inside Super Nutrition Academy

super nutrition academySuper Nutrition Academy is for those health conscious individuals who want a deeper understanding of all things health and nutrition.

If that’s you, then this post will give you an inside look at what you get as a student of Super Nutrition Academy.

I wanna give you a sneak-peak look inside Super Nutrition Academy, our latest creation to help you master your diet and health in less than one hour per week. The reason that I created this is because, like you, like the motivated health seeker that you are, you’re probably confused by a lot of the conflicting diet information that’s out there, a lot of the information overload, and you probably don’t have concrete answers to your problems or questions with respect to your health and nutrition.

What I wanted to do is answer that and make learning as easy as possible for you, because when I went back to school in holistic nutrition, that really changed my life. One of the really interesting things about education is that, for instance, if you don’t know something— you have no idea how bad the problem really is or how simple the solution can be.

We all know about cancer, right? We all know that cancer is not good, but if you understood what cancer does inside your body, if you could actually see the process maps of what’s happening and also understand the specific nutritional protocols to beat cancer, the next time you go to the grocery store, you’d be more motivated to buy healthier foods to help you do that.

That’s the power of education, and that’s what we wanted to with Super Nutrition Academy—give you, the everyday person, somebody who doesn’t necessarily have a Ph.D. in health sciences or nutrition and doesn’t want to spend 40 hours a week learning this stuff; something that is convenient and affordable and very easy to do to learn about your body, your health, and the impact of nutrition.

Have a Look Inside Super Nutrition Academy

Here’s a quick run down of some of the topic areas we cover throughout the 12 modules…

In Module 1 we talk about everything to do with carbohydrates and energy nutrition.

For instance, in Lesson 1 we talk about the fundamentals of energy nutrition. I go through ten principles that will really jazz up your energy.

In Lesson 2 we talk about how nature produces energy and how we can harness it. This is a really interesting presentation because it talks about the use of plants for energizing your body and all this wicked, wicked stuff.

There are 12 modules and within each module there are 4 lessons. Thus, we cover  a total of 48 different topics in nutrition and health.

You have access to one module at a time, and the reason we do that is specifically to reduce information overwhelm and overload. If I gave you all 12 modules at once, you would not know what to do. We’re drip-feeding you this content because it’s very important to spend the time to understand it.

I’m just asking for one hour a week of your time to go through a lesson so you can get on the path to finally mastering your diet and health. Do this, and your life will change.

In addition to watching the videos online (within our online “campus”), you can also download them to your computer or upload them to your iPod or portable video device.

And, you can also download the MP3 audio, the PDF transcripts, and the 1-page cheat sheets for every lesson – so you can master each topic, no matter your preferred learning style.

As in shown in the video above, you’ll also notice that each Module features a new health habit that we focus on building. Each habit is presented to you in 2 formats: the Health Habit Mastery Handbook and the Habit-Conditioning Audio.

These are really interesting components to Super Nutrition Academy that really sets it apart from any other health improvement options that I know of  because we’re not just talking about learning everything you need to know to better your health, but we’re also creating new (and lasting) habits that reinforce what you learn.

What we’re doing here is giving you access to how to actually develop new habits.

For instance, how do you overcome sugar addiction?

Well, in Module 1 you’ll learn how. Through the Health Habit Mastery Handbook, we show you the exact scientific process of how the nervous system and subconscious mind work and how you develop new strategies, new habits.

Then, the habit-conditioning audio is a guided audio where I guide you through a visualization process to start creating these habits that we’re looking to create. Again, it’s just one habit per month. We’re just focusing on one thing every month to help you live your healthiest life ever.

So that’s a quick “bird’s eye view” of what you can look forward to inside Super Nutrition Academy.

Again, if you’ve got any questions—as you can see here, we’ve got lots of students asking questions – I’m inside the campus every single day, responding to them.

There’s nothing like Super Nutrition Academy anywhere; there really isn’t.

Here’s What Some of Our Current SNA Students Have to Say

super nutrition academy

Got a Question About Super Nutrition Academy

This video goes through some of the most frequently asked questions including:

Q: “What if I have no interest in learning about bettering my health and would rather just to go on another diet?”

Then, sorry but this is not for you. We’re only accepting students who are motivated and committed to empowering themselves to life-long health by learning the fundamentals of nutrition.

If you would rather continue to bounce from one diet to the next then please do that. But if you want to finally end your frustration, get the answers to your nutrition questions, and achieve the health you deserve, then Super Nutrition Academy is how it’s going to happen.

Q: “Will the the information be too scientific or complicated? Will I get overwhelmed?

No and no. You’ll find it easy to follow, easy on the eye, uses everyday language, and doesn’t require you to be a Harvard grad or determined masochist to get through the material.

And, because I recommend doing just 1 lesson per week, the possibility overwhelm is almost impossible.

The power of Super Nutrition Academy is in its ability to help you understand the science behind many of your nutrition and health questions, which will give you more clarity and motivation to eat healthier than you possibly imagined.

For instance, among many other valuable insights, you’ll learn about the metabolism pathway of fatty acids, which I guarantee will make you look at the supplement shelves and the foods you eat very differently!

Q: “I’ve already read (and followed) other diets — why would I need this?”

The fact that you’ve taken advice from one or more other diets is the exact reason why you NEED to enroll in Super Nutrition Academy. In fact, the more diets you’ve tried, the more confused and frustrated you probably are, right?

That’s precisely why you need to finally learn how YOU work with respect to food. Remember, this is not a diet but an education course that will arm you with everything you need to know about the complex relationship between food and your health, in less than 1 hour per week.

It will help you understand the nuts and bolts of nutrition so that you don’t fall prey to any more false promises. Super Nutrition Academy will give you clarity and invaluable nutrition and health knowledge. After all, no one is going to care about your health as much as you.

Is It Right For You?

Listen, this online course isn’t for everyone. I’ve designed it ONLY for those who are seriously interested in learning the nuts and bolts of nutrition and health.

If that’s, then great.

Finally, you can learn the fundamentals of nutrition and health so that you don’t have fall prey to yet another fad diet. Instead, you’ll be in control and know how to make the healthiest dietary choices for you and your family.

This is about empowering you to take better control of your health so that when you go to your doctor, you can talk with him/her on a par level with respect to nutrition and health information. You become your own health master; you’re in control of the foods you eat. There really is nothing like Super Nutrition Academy; that’s why we developed it.

If you want to learn more about Super Nutrition Academy, visit SuperNutritionAcademy.com.

I look forward to seeing you there.