Yuri Elkaim - Our Vision

The following is the vision that I have created for our company, Total Wellness Consulting. If it resonates with you then please forward it to your friends and click the “Like” button above.

As you’ll see, we’re on mission to change the world, one person at a time. Thanks for being part of our movement.



The Vision

The year is 2018 and we have empowered 10 million people to live a healthier and fitter life through our programs and services.

Our company is comprised of a small group (about 8-12 people) of driven, action takers who care deeply about helping others. We are a virtual company yet we are obsessed with bringing the “human touch” into we how interact and connect with our customers and community.

We stand for exceptional customer service, top quality products and information, and personal touch.

People care about what we do because we are changing their lives for the better. We are inspiring them through daily communication and connection. We are giving them hope. We actually care about our customers. Unlike most big corporations we thrive on creativity, freedom, and a deep-seeded desire to doing good – now and for the future.

We refuse to compromise our integrity and the trust we’ve built with our customers and we only align our self with individuals and companies that fit our philosophy. We don’t do things to make a quick buck. We don’t disrespect each other or our customers.

Our team members love their job because they know they are making a significant contribution to bettering our world. They are very well paid and given bonus compensation based on performance.

Our mission is to improve the quality of health and lives of at least 10 million people around the world. Through our products, programs, and live events we give people inspiration and hope they need to live their healthiest and best lives ever.

I (Yuri) love my business. I love what I do. I love connecting and helping others.

The top 3 things we offer our clients are…

1) Exceptional tools and programs to help them better their health and life.

2) Inspiration and hope.

3) A deep sense of caring and personal connection, making them feel important and appreciated.

Because of our philosophy, top-quality programs, and excellent reputation people naturally gravitate to our business by word-of-mouth referrals and through organic internet searches.

Our team is comprised of the BEST possible people, who live active and healthy lives, are serious about bettering themselves, and who care deeply about helping others.

We only hire those that are amazing at what they do. This minimizes needless “skill-specific” training. We look for people who are independent (yet team players), self-motivated, innovative, and who challenge the status quo.

We are a company devoted to excellence and focused daily action. We believe in working smarter, not necessarily harder. Since quality of life is important to our philosophy, if a job can be completed in 2 hours, there’s no need to work 6. Life balance is important in allowing us achieve our full potential!

Our clients and the community rave about us because of how our programs have changed their lives. They are grateful that we exist because of the difference we have made in their lives.

Our team members are so happy to work with us because of their sense of contribution, personal growth, and financial compensation.

And our peers look to us as an innovator and leader in the health and fitness field as we run a profitable, efficient, and empowering business that helps people live their best life ever!