by: Yuri Elkaim

Yup, you read that correctly…

I don’t want to win the lottery and quite frankly I don’t want you to either.

Obviously, everyone would love to have more money fall out of thin air and into their laps to alleviate their financials worries and give them more opportunities but I’m of the opinion that nothing could be worse.

And I’m also going to say the same thing for your health, and specifically weight loss.

We’ll get to that in a moment but let’s start with the idea of winning free money (aka. the lottery).

Why Winning the Lottery Is Bogus

Got debt? Want that house of your dreams? Want to take more vacations? Don’t we all.

In fact, my brother and sister-in-law have an entire life plan based around what they’re going to do and have once they win the lottery. But they fail to consider that they can live that plan without winning the lottery and actually EARN what they want. Sadly, they’ll most likely never see their dreams come to fruition.

Winning $10 million dollars (or more) is probably not best way to make your dreams a reality – at least if you want to enjoy the rewards in the long term.

According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, research estimates that 70% of people who unexpectedly come into large sums of money will lose it within seven years.

Open your local newspaper or flip through the pages on Google and you’ll find countless stories like a Hamilton, Ontario woman who won a $10.5 million lottery in 2004, but is now living paycheque to paycheque.

Research indicates that your educational and job status when you hit the jackpot makes a big difference. Those who tend to lose it all are less educated and hold more “blue collar” jobs than those lucky few who actually manage to keep their winnings in the long run.

And that kind of makes sense as we can see from the trials and tribulations of Donald Trump…

What Is Donald Trump’s Trump Card?

You’ve probably heard that Donald Trump has made millions and then lost it all. This has happened to him a few times in his life. Amazingly though, he’s managed to make it all back…and then some.

Why is he different from those unlucky lottery winners who’ve lost it all?

Well, you might say he’s got a “money mindset”. Sure he came into money (thanks daddy) but his “thermostat” for wealth is so much higher than the average Joe who works as a janitor. He feels he’s worth what he earns, he knows how to make lots of money, and he probably knows how to manage it as well.

When someone hovering at or below the poverty line wins the lottery, in most cases, they have no idea how to handle their winnings. If they did, they’d probably be better off financially to begin with.

Winning The Lottery Doesn’t Change You

My main reason for not wanting to win the lottery is that it doesn’t force you to grow into a new level of wealth. It doesn’t require you to become a better, bigger person who adds value to the world.

One morning you’re broke and living off food stamps, the next you’ve got a Ferrari in your driveway. There’s too much disconnect.

Let’s assume you win the big one…

What lessons have you learned? Are your spending habits all of a sudden  improved? Do you now save money automatically?

It’s common to think that “I’ll save money when I’ve got some” OR “I’ll pay myself first later but for now I’ve got take care of my bills”. These types of habits don’t change overnight.

I’m no financial genius and I’m not here to give you financial advice but I want to highlight the common thread between financial woes and challenges you might be facing with your weight and health because the underlying the cause is often the same….our psychology.

Diets, Lap Band Surgeries, Magic Pills, and Miracle Weight Loss

Why do most people who go on a diet and lose weight regain it all within a few months of stopping the diet? It’s the same reason that those who win the jackpot can’t hold onto their lottery winnings.


If you’ve spent 20+ years struggling with poor eating habits and exercising sporadically, how on earth can you expect to lose weight and keep it off?

You can remain hopeful that the latest diet will help but I can tell you with 100% certainty that unless you improve your dietary choices and turn those choices into healthy daily habits, you will not see the long-term weight loss results you want to see.

Just as winning the lottery doesn’t help you grow into the type of person that can actually become wealthy on your own, fad diets, lap band surgeries, and magic pills will NEVER help you become the healthy person who lives and breathes eating well and exercising daily.

It’s all about who you become in the process.

That’s why I don’t want to win the lottery and why I don’t want you to rely on miracle quick fixes for your health and weight issues.

Sure I’d be crazy not to accept a few million dollars with open arms, but honestly…

I’d rather work my butt off, provide 100x more value than what I ask for in return, encounter challenges and overcome them, and become a better person as a result.

Every single set back I’ve had in business has turned into a blessing. I have no regrets and I would change nothing if I were to do it all over again. Wasting my time for 2 years on stuff I thought was important forced me to realize that something needed to change. That epiphany made me realize that being around smarter and more successful people was vital to my personal and professional growth.

Taking the plunge and joining various mastermind groups and connecting with other entrepreneurs was the MOST important thing I’ve ever done for my business. But for me, that realization only came about after 2 years of struggle and frustration. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

It’s the not the destination but the journey that counts.

Sure, you probably want to lose 20 lbs by tomorrow but I can guarantee that all of your struggles are worth it. You just have to tune in and learn from what you’re going through. Perhaps there’s a hormonal issue that needs attending to. Perhaps you’ll be forced to be brutally honest about your diet and throw the garbage foods out of your kitchen.

These processes are invaluable in your growth as a human being. Learning from your struggles is invaluable because then you have to insight to help yourself and others. And that’s the ONLY reason I’m able to do what I do now. I’m no better than you. I’m simply one step ahead, having gone through a number of health challenges, learned from them, and now sharing that wisdom with you.

That’s the greater purpose – at least for me.

Why Skinny People Should Be Careful

Skinny people think they can get away with murder. Not literally, but in regards to their lifestyle choices. They (and others) believe that they can eat whatever they want and never exercise and they’ll be ok because they’ve got a “fast metabolism” or natural skinny genes.

But watch out!

Being skinny can be very deceiving. I’m living proof. I’ve never had to battle excess weight. I’ve always been fit but I haven’t been healthy until the last 9 years or so. I have many skinny friends who still haven’t clued in. They eat whatever they want and are not aware of what’s happening inside their bodies. It’s only a matter of time before these ticking time bombs go off.

So, sometimes being a little overweight or looking a little unhealthy can be a blessing. Use that as feedback to get your butt in gear to make positive changes and grow as a person.

You’ll reap the rewards…eventually.

What do you think about this discussion? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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17 comments on “Why I Don’t Want To Win The Lottery

  • I would add that people who have lost the weight or gained the muscle that was their goal should also watch out, because it is at that point that you can start thinking, “I deserve a treat, I can take a few days off, one bad week won’t undo everything…etc” Next thing you know it is lots of treats, days and weeks off and then you are right where you started. Consistency is HARD WORK!!!

  • Dean Pomerleau says:

    Nice analogy Yuri!

    I’ve never thought of the troubles lottery winners experience from the perspective of habits, and certainly not the parallel between winning the lottery and losing it all on the one hand because of bad habits, and losing weight on a fad diet and gaining it all back due to bad habits on the other.

    Thanks for pointing out the parallel.

    It reminds me of a quote I like: “Nothing tastes as good as slim feels.”

    Take care!


  • Re your topic on Skinny People. What are the time bombs? Could you give more specific advice to skinny or skinny fat people who want to shape up? Even when I follow exercise/nutrition programs religiously, the result is only slightly more definition without the muscle bulk I dream of. Any clues?

  • Love your comparison! Makes sense and I believe in it 100%. I’m still working at it and it is WORK! It NEVER ENDS! That is what everyone needs to realize and what you do. Thanks!

  • I never had a problem with weight, I was told at age 21 that when I left basic training for the military I would be at my ideal weight, which was about 20 lbs more than my usual, I hit 162. Could never maintain it and went back to under 150 and remained there for years. Once retired and 50 years old my weight dropped to under 140 and I was detected with type 2 diabetes.

  • This is so true Yuri. I’ve got lots of good habits that have taken me years to develop but still some unhelpful ones as well and I see other people struggling with things that they say thy can’t help but they are just HABITS. One thing I’ve learnt to help get out of bad habits is never just give something up, always take on something good and learn to enjoy it before you make yourself give the other thing up. Mostly the bad habit goes of its own accord as you get into the new one but the just this positive mind set apposed to the negative ‘giving stuff up’ mind set, really helps as we often have to ‘trick’ ourselves into doing what’s good for us.
    Best wishes.

  • Patrick Coughlan says:

    Hello Yuri…have to say what you write in regard to winning a lot of cash can be true in that some people are just not as good in what ways they use their winnings as others..but that is just thinking like that as what you are saying is the majority of people probably would be careless spending it and in the process could be careless in regard to their health.I would love to be well off money wise..and feel it would actually improve my health..even though I am not overweight at 10 st 3 ibs at 5ft 8 inches..have type2 diabetics since march of this year..I exercise at least in total 2 to 2 half hours everyday mostly walking..rarly take any tablets and eat proper foods nearly 100% of the time..but you are a positive person and what you write about does make sense. Patrick

  • yuri u say that 70% of people who unexpectedly come into large sums of money will lose it within seven years. well if i won it i would be very careful and use it all my life so i guess am one of them people from 30% beacuse i know money isnt for wasting but using it properly.

  • Yuri, you shared valuable information here for alot of people, however, I am going to disagree with you based on a life experience.

    When I had the finances or a millionaire sponsor my fitness goals that was the time of my life I was in optimum health. I had a personal trainer paid for. All my supplements paid for. All my workout outfits paid for. All my organic meals paid for. Time to workout in the daytime (meaning no exhaustion from working in the day and then working out before or after work). I had washboard abs, a toned fit sexy hot body, energy like crazy, clear mind, everything was amazing. Then, I got sick, a freak sickness and the money was gone, spent instead on healing myself which took 5+ years and I am still on that journey and my health took a toll and my body was no longer a temple of vibrant health and a toned fit flexible energetic optimum vessel.

    If I had the funds again, or millions from a win or lump sum inheritance or whatever, I would invest 100% in my health and healing. To have all the top supplements and organic foods, pure clean water, even to buy land and grow my own organic food on it would be amazing. I would do that if I won the lottery or received millions in a lump sum. I would hire a personal trainer again and this is important as you are watched by the personal trainer to make sure when you lift weights or workout that you are not overdoing anything and doing exercises properly without harming yourself or straining any muscles or tendens AND they push you harder than you would do on your own. A coach or a trainer is always present for people who are on the track to success. The really good ones don’t come cheap.

    Money does make a difference in fitness goals…. through my experience. Organic foods are not cheap, a Personal trainer helped me get my dream body I could not have done on my own, the clothes to work out in, the TIME to workout in the day instead of going to work, all those things make a HUGE difference when you really want to get in shape. And do it in the fastest most healthy way possible. Just my experience I wanted to share. So I would say YES to winning the lottery and do this again… but first heal myself and that too is financially draining. I just hope in your life or anyone’s life you don’t get an illness which wipes you out financially – you can be perfectly healthy and it can happen to anyone. It is when you are really sick you appreciate funds when you cannot possibly work or make any money. PEACE.

    • of course when u have money u can be in better health n have better looks. i would take that lottery in a minute. only those who’ve always had the funds say crazy things like you wont appreciate it if you have money and i’d rather work for it so i appreciate it. i once had a small inheritance given me. i bought a minivan n only cuz my car was almost dead. no ferrari ever sat in my driveway, we didnt go to hawaii, etc. it allowed me to get some quality foods for my kids n educational resources as we homeschool. i would live the rest of my life off just 1 million dollars. n finish raising my 2 remaining kids well.
      its a matter of character what u do with a windfall. do u continue being frugal, helping those who need a hand in getting their life in order, n investing? i consider health to be an investment. u cant invest without the funds or time. n funds give u time btw 2

  • Your words are golden and true if you are not aware of these practises.
    Sorry Yuri, I still want and am going to win the lottery and take all the right baby steps getting there and that’s why you are my newest bestest friend! (lol)
    The Missy!

  • Meri Newell says:

    Spot on. Psychology governs all aspects of our physical, emotional, and financial lives. There is no free lunch, and no such thing as a quick fix. The other point to ponder is whether we would be inwardly or outwardly driven if we suddenly came into a large sum of money. Would we pig out on material things, or fund the causes that we have always wanted to fund, but could not? Do we make the whole worlsd a better place, or just our own posrtage stamp exitstence? Great article, Yuri.

  • Love this, makes perfect sense, my whole life I have been close to my fitness goals but I have never been there, I am always working on it, I have also compared myself with people that have great metabolisms and feel jealous, but you are absolutely right, the journey is what I need to learn what I need to know so that I can get where I want to be once and for all and ALWAYS stay there, its up to me not the metabolism I was born with, thanks for your wisdom, I really believe I will conquer it this time, slow and steady;-)