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Gut Health - Stomach Healer Smoothie Recipe

Although most of us have come to think of yogurt as one of the finest sources of gut-healing probiotics, kefir is actually a much more potent probiotic. That’s why I use it as a base for my stomach healing kefir smoothie.

Here’s why making this one of your go-to healthy smoothies is one of the best things you can do for gut health.

What is Kefir?

Named after the turkish word “keif” which means “good feeling”, kefir is made from fermented dairy products—most commonly sheep, cow or goat milk.

This fermentation process creates a true superfood packed with microorganisms which support healthy gut bacteria, boost immunity and can even fight off inflammatory bowel disease, kill candida and reduce allergies.

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Another way kefir benefits your body is by serving as a delivery mechanism for a whole load of much-needed nutrients. Each serving delivers high doses of Vitamin B12, magnesium, Vitamin K2, biotin and folate. Rich with enzymes and probiotics, most kefirs contain up to 30 strains of bacteria yeast.

Many other fermented products are hailed as superfoods (and they are), but kefir is the only one to contain so many strains of probiotic bacteria, and to include healthy yeasts, as well.

Who Can Enjoy Kefir?

Those with a dairy allergies should avoid kefirs made with milk and other animal products. Although these are the easiest to find on standard grocery store shelves, you’ll find plenty of other options if you hit a health food store.

Coconut milk kefir is usually available in the refrigerated section of natural grocers, as is coconut water kefir. Since I recommend dairy-free eating as part of a cancer-fighting alkaline diet, I also recommend hunting down coconut-based kefirs for your kefir smoothie.

Although you can certainly drink as much kefir as you please, aim for 1-4 cups daily if you’re working to repair internal inflammation or symptoms of leaky gut. Otherwise, simply aim for about 1/2 cup daily to support overall gut health.

Give This Kefir Smoothie a Try

Now, after all of that glowing science comes the secret truth: some people find kefir to be almost unpalatable. Sad, but true.

I’ll admit that its unique flavor does take some getting used to, which is why making a kefir smoothie is a great way to get it into your diet.

In the stomach healing smoothie below, I’ve added kefir to other alkalizing, gut-supportive plants to help you alleviate bloating, get a flatter belly and make your microbiome happy. Add this one to your regular morning smoothie routine for a unique flavor which packs serious nutritional punch.

Gut Health - Stomach Healer Smoothie

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Kefir Smoothie aka the Gut Healer
A simple way to enjoy kefir, this mild kefir smoothie offers serious nutritional support for your gut. Sip to combat hangovers, bloating and symptoms of leaky gut.
Gut Healer Smoothie
Prep Time 5 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Gut Healer Smoothie
  1. Blend all ingredients together in a high-speed blender until smooth. Enjoy immediately.

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