by: Yuri Elkaim

Check out the Raw Raw Cleanse if you’re looking for home delivered fresh-pressed juices. Pretty cool stuff…as I show you in this video.

I’m starting something actually pretty cool today. As you know I love juicing, but there is actually something that I enjoy more than juicing and it’s not juicing. So recently I was doing some search online and I came across a number of awesome fresh pressed juice delivery companies. I thought, hey why not try this out.

So for you today, and over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be shooting a batch of videos. I’m trying out all these different fresh press juices delivered to your house and I’m going to basically review them all for you. If you want to try this out for yourself, you can see which ones are best.

Today I want to show you, my cocktails for today. Here we go. This is from a company called Raw Raw Cleanse. They are a Canadian based company just outside of Toronto. I figured, why not start with the local and give that a shot. Then we’ll go from there with some other companies out there.

Essentially what I want to do is I want to give you options to…again I understand this isn’t going to be viable for everyone because obviously there is a cost associated with this. But I want to give you the options, just to open your eyes to possibilities that are out there if you don’t want to juice or if you don’t think there is stuff out there like this. There is. It’s really really cool. And a lot of companies are doing this now and I think it’s an amazing business model that is really giving people a convenience and great nutrition in a bottle.

So essentially how this works, the funny thing is, they’re pretty much all the same. From what I have seen, most of these companies have very similar concept. Six juices a day. You pick how many days you want to do the cleanse for the there you go.

The difference between the various companies that I have noticed so far is that some of them use organic ingredients, some of them don’t. All of it is fresh pressed, which basically means that it’s not pasteurized, it’s all raw. It’s awesome. So I’m going to be reviewing a bunch of these companies over the next couple of weeks. It’s really cool stuff.

Again, this is Raw Raw Cleanse and they have a number of juices. I can’t even remember the package I picked. I think it was the cleansing package. I got one for Amy and one for myself and we just combined the juices. Because the cleansing package has four green juices in a day.

This one here we have Clean Greens, Ginger Berry. We’ve got Cool Melon. We’ve got some Citrus Spice, which is kind of the master cleanse I guess. And Maple Almond Milk.

I’m going to read of the ingredients as they work here. They’re all numbered. I’ve numbered them myself actually based in accordance with how they suggested you drink them throughout the day. So this one here is number one. So you start of the morning with Clean Greens.

As I’m recording this, it’s past the morning because the delivery just came. But I’m going to officially start my juicing cleanse at this point in time. I’m just going to drink all six of these throughout the day. I don’t really care if it’s halfway through the day all ready. I’ll probably only be getting out of this about 1,500 calories. So this is something that for me I’m going to do probably in addition to food. We’ll see how I feel. If I can get this open.

They ship it to you in a refrigerated container. So it’s packed in there and keeps it cool. The juices are good for about three days. I’m going to start off with Clean Greens. This is fresh pressed juice, this is the first time I’ve tasted this. Here we go, live on the video.

Actually this morning I had about a litre of green juice that I made myself. So, I’ve got that immediate contrast between what I had this morning. My taste is all over the place. I’m just like so dishevelled. This one here is spinach, romaine, dandelion greens, cucumber, celery, parsley, kiwi, lime, and cardamom. So very very little sugar in this. Probably just the kiwi and it taste very grassy. Very clean, very easy on the way down. Actually really good.

So that’s what I’m going to be enjoying for a while. Then I’ll move on to juice number two, which will be the Ginger Berry. This is beets, raspberry, blueberry, ginger, apple. So a little bit more sweetness to that. Then I’ll move on to number three which is the Cool Lemon. This one has the watermelon and fresh mint. This is actually one of the recipes I have in eating for energy. So this is going to be really good.

Then we’ve got Citrus Spice, which lemon, pineapple, turmeric, cayenne pepper, filtered water. So a little different from the master cleanse. Probably a little bit better obviously. So that’s number four. Number five we’ve got the Clean Greens and number six at night we have Maple Almond Milk which is almonds, pure maple syrup, cinnamon, filtered water. So probably a little bit higher in sugar. Probably you drink that an hour before you try to go to bed.

So I’m really excited because my goal is to juice as much as possible, right? But sometimes it’s tough when juicing takes a long time. So this is ultimate convenience. They drop off your door. The cool thing is that if you live in the State or anywhere in Canada, you can pretty much have this stuff delivered to your door.

The website for Raw Raw Cleanse is Check it out. I have no affiliation with them yet. I’d love to find a way to sort of partner up with these companies because I think they offer some really great solutions for a lot of people who are pressed for time, who don’t want to make juices on their own. And it just give you different options.

So this is what I’m doing. If you have any questions about this stuff join me on the blog, join me on Facebook. Ask me there, I’ll keep you up to date with the new stuff. I’ll be trying out a bunch of new companies over the coming weeks. I’ll let you know which one I like the best.

They’re probably all really good. It’s not only one sucks. They’re all awesome, I’ll probably recommend all of them. But there we go. I’ve got my juices. I’m all set to go. I’ve got my day ahead of me, a great day and we’ll see how all this goes and I’ll keep you posted. I’m going to enjoying this for three days and then we’ll move on to the next one.

That’s all for me today. Hope you have a great one and we’ll see in the next video.