Yuri Elkaim - How to Make Google My Homepage {Default Engine} in Any Browser
by: Lloyd

Why to open different pages in order to reach the right web page when you can go for setting Google to be your home page? Many benefits are there of setting Google to be your home page as things have been turning to much faster speed, so does Google which never makes your searching boring and keeps you in full spirit while you look for relevant information across web.

This guide talks about setting Google to be your home page and how it is done on web browser.

How to set Google as your home page on Chrome?

Google’s free web browser is chrome which came into being in the year 2008, meant for MS windows, later on, its usage and application expanded to the following OS:

While Google is the leading search engine which lets all the information to be displayed easily and its parent company is Alphabet Inc.

Let us look into the information which is required to make Google your home page.

How to make Google your home page?

For the obvious reasons that chrome is a product of Google, its home page by default is Google. So you can change this page to some other web link but otherwise, the home page is going to be Google so no issues at all.

For firefox

Make Google my homepage is always a pertinent question which keeps on being asked by millions of people worldwide. Check the following steps to understand how to do it:

Go to Preferences menu -> Settings
Go to the option to set Firefox’s behavior when the browser starts up and set this to ‘show home page’
Enter the URL ‘https://google.co.uk’, this steps directly takes you to the Firefox
You can now navigate to Google
Doing the deed on internet explorer

Though not being used much IE is still quite in demand by those seek to go professional. Check out the below steps to set google as your home page on IE:

Tool menu -> Internet Options
General tab -> type or copy & paste the URL of Google
Click ‘Apply’
Go to ‘Settings’
Select ‘Your first home page’
Click OK
This procedures sets Google as your home page and you can access the information easily without any problem.

When you set a particular URL as your home page?

Setting home page is convenient on PC but not on phone as the default value is always going to be shown. Changing the home page is easier though on PC as we saw it above so you can seek for better help from the section described above that lets you enjoy web browsing with better experience.

Many other explorers are also there which includes Microsoft Edge, android browser and safari but the most used ones are what we have dealt in the section above. So you can seek out for better information regarding the sections that you have been using.