by: Yuri Elkaim

This week we’ve been discussing the crazy effects sugar has on your body. We also uncovered the fact that about 30% of the fructose in sugar (sucrose) is metabolized as fat.

Over time, this can lead to some pretty nasty consequences, namely…added fat.

Other than looking fatter, there’s another big problem with fat cells…

They store HUGE amounts of toxins. But hold on…that’s kind of a good thing because otherwise those toxins would freely roam around your body.

But hold on again…

They do that too.

“So Yuri, you’re telling me that I can be FAT and TOXIC?” 

You bet.

And, in fact, that’s a great way to describe what’s going on in a little more than 60% of the North American population. Not only is sugar a big problem, but so too are the copious amounts of chemicals we’ve ingested over the years.

But let’s not forget that sugar itself is also a toxin, especially when consumed regularly!

And remember how we saw that exercise speeds up the sugar metabolism, essentially preventing it from being stored as fat?

That just goes to show you that fat burning is a process that happens at the CELLULAR level.

How Your Cells Burn Fat

Without going into all the scientific lingo, that basically means that your body’s CELLS are actually what decide if/when/how they
want to be broken down and melted away.

If the cells aren’t able to function properly, then fat burning doesn’t happen…PERIOD!

This is why so many people feel like they’re working hard and eating right…

…but STILL don’t see the changes on the scale!

Have you ever felt this way?

Most people have and it’s extremely frustrating, isn’t it?

What’s REALLY Holding Back Faster Fat Burning…

Your body’s cells are actually ALREADY designed to operate in rapid fat-burning mode.

The problem is that they get bogged down with outside contaminants.

In other words…”toxins”!

You can’t escape them.

They’re in your food… your water… the air you breathe… your home… even your shampoo!

What’s happening is that your “bucket” is overflowing with toxins. When that happens…disease strikes!

These “poisons” enter your body in tiny amounts and fortunately, a lot of them are filtered out of our body through the liver and other organs.

The problem is that your body was never designed to deal with the HUGE amount of environmental toxins you and your family now face
on a daily basis.

In fact, did you know that…

…in the last 12 months, you and your family have consumed about 14 POUNDS of chemicals?

It’s sad, but true!

At these levels, there’s just no way for your body to get rid of it all.

So the excess toxins are instead stored away INSIDE of your body rather than eleminated as waste.

And one of the main places they’re stored…is in your body’s FAT CELLS!

When this happens, your cells’ mitochondria (the “energy centre” of your cells) are unable to function at full capacity.

That means that although you “want” them to work at top speed and help you achieve your “dream body”…

…they just CAN’T!

It’s IMPOSSIBLE in such a polluted state.

The worst part is that these toxic wastes build up slowly over time so you don’t even feel it’s happening.

But these wastes can stick around in the body for YEARS, silently building up higher and higher, sabotaging your metabolism and creating an environment for all sorts of health problems and disease.

I know it sounds like you’re screwed, but you’re not…

How to create fat burning “super-cells”…

The absolute best way to get your cells back up to “turbo-speed” is to REMOVE the toxins that are poisoning them.

This is known as “detoxing”.

There’s been a lot of buzz about detoxing (or “cleansing”) lately due to many Hollywood celebrities claiming how amazing it is.

Well, it really is!

Unfortunately, a lot of the trendy cleansing programs out there now are waaaaaay too extreme for the average person and end up
being a miserable experience.

But done the RIGHT WAY, a detox can be an AMAZING (even life-changing!) adventure where you…

…experience non-stop, all day energy

…actually “feel” lighter and cleaner inside

…have a “happier” look on life (toxin are also freed from the brain!)

…even DOUBLE your fatburning results!

The secret is to make the detox process not only EFFECTIVE…but EASY-TO-FOLLOW as well!

How to Make “Detoxing” Easy (and Amazing!)

The process of detoxing isn’t as mysterious as it may sound.

In fact, yesterday I told you an about a new program a good friend of mine, Jeff Anderson, and I put together that exposes LIES that we’re all being told about the levels of toxins in our environment.

But more than that, it also includes a simple, easy-to-follow “blueprint” of exactly what to do to purge your body of these harmful chemicals.

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The best part is that this simple detox program…

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I would go so far as to say that this “Easy 3 Day Detox” should be the very FIRST thing you do to see better results from your fat-burning program.

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