by: Yuri Elkaim

Many of you have been asking me about what I do to prepare my HUGE batches of green juice each week.

Well, here’s the step-by-step video that shows you how…

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9 comments on “My Weekly Green Juice Feast

  • Vogiatzi Maria says:

    Thank you by heart for not getting tired to show all these inmportant things, until they become an everyday habit!

  • Hey Yuri. Have you heard of the NutriBullet? I once had a big juicer, but didn’t stick to it, too big, too much to clean up, and what about all the fiber! The NutirBullet is Awesome. I bought it for myself at Christmas and have spinach juice daily! Wash your veggie’s/fruit the night before and less than 5 minute in the morning including the clean up, plus fresh Juice every day, all day. Easy!

  • Love the idea, and your little helper! I feel it would be wise to advise people to fill there bottles as they go though instead of filling the big pot first and letting all that life giving juice (and all your hard work) oxidize for an hour and then oxidize some more as you transfer it from pot -to-measuring cup-to bottle……..and then on top of that, if their bottles happen to be bigger (like the milk bottle) leaving a big air space at the top, this will cause even more oxidation and all of that doesn’t include the loss of nutrients that will naturally happen over 2 or 3 days. Dr. Gerson would be turning over in his grave! A lot of nutrients, time and money could be saved by merely filling your bottles every time the juice reservoir container fills up or something like that. Otherwise, an awesome idea to help people get juicing! Just saying. :)

  • Hey Yuri, I may have missed it, but did you mention this was all organic produce? Where in Toronto do you buy the produce? Much thanks!

  • Hi Yuri

    Thanks for the video.

    I have a couple of questions which I hope you might answer.

    These days, my diet consists of:
    – breakfast based on non-wheat grains/dried fruit/nuts and non-dairy milk substitute (oat, hemp, almond etc)
    – lunch usually a vegetarian chick-pea/nut roast with raw salad and some unpasteurised cheese
    – evening meal usually some form of meat, either wholegrain rice or potatoes and steamed vegetables
    – various fresh fruit through the day (typically grapefruit, satsuma, lime, banana, pineapple, blueberries etc)

    If I were to start juicing, would that replace the steamed vegetables in my evening meals or be in addition to it?

    Also, is there a best time or times during the day to take the juice?

    Finally, I know there’s quite a bit of information out there on whether juicing or blending is better. I don’t like the idea of throwing all the useful fibre away! Are there any downsides to blending rather than juicing with the sort of mix of fruit/veg that you showed on the video?

    Thanks again,


    • Yuri Elkaim says:

      I would juice first thing in the morning. However, you might be better off with a blender and making smoothies so that you can save all the whole food goodness – if you’re concerned about wasting the fiber.